Project Description

Reconstituted Fruit Juice Production Line

Reconstituted Juice Production Line Description 

  1. Reconstituted Juice Dilution Line can also be called the juice repacking line, it uses fruit and vegetable concentrated juice or puree as raw material, blended with water, sugar and other flavor agents to make it into drinkable juice.
  2. The capacity of the juice processing line can be 500LPH-10000LPH, and the end products can be filled into small bottles, pouches, tin cans or cartons according to client requirements.
  3. The ingredients that can be added to the juice is milk, sugar, coffee powder, Flavors and fragrances, fruit and vegetable compound juice, vitamin, mineral matters, herb plants, emulsifier, sour agent, etc.
  4. The blended juice usually adopts primary plate or tubular pasteurizing + hot filling + secondary tunnel hot water spray pasteurization technology to extend the juice’s shelf life.
  5. All the processing machines are made of food-grade SUS304 material and