Project Description

Liquid Egg Processing Line 

Description Of Liquid Egg Processing Line 

  • The liquid egg processing line includes fresh egg washing and drying machine, egg breaking machine, egg yolk and white separating machine, products reception tank and filter. One plate-type cooler will be installed after filter in order to cool down the egg products from 25℃ to 4℃, which can reduce the bacteria growth after the egg-breaking process, storage tank, homogenizer, pasteurizer and bag in box filler.
  • By breaking and separating eggs, you can consumer your eggs into highly valuable egg liquids or dried egg powder products.
  • All the eggs are gently broken, then we will get three egg products: the whole egg liquid, egg yolk and egg white. The whole egg liquid can further proceed into egg powder and egg yolk can be made into mayonnaise.
  • As egg yolk and egg white are highly valuable fragile products, and two products can bear different temperatures, so we design to pasteurize e