Project Description

Cashew Fruit Processing Line

Cashew Fruit Processing Line Description

  1. The cashew fruits, native to Brazil, was introduced to Mozambique and then India in the sixteenth century, and now it is planted in most Tropical and subtropical regions like South America, East Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Cashew nuts are very nutritious, containing up to 47% fat, 21.2% protein, 22.3% carbohydrates, and still contain A, B1, B2 and other vitamins and minerals, especially the trace elements such as manganese, chromium, magnesium, and selenium. It is rich in amino acids and has the effects of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-tumor and anti-cardiovascular diseases. Cashew apples are rich in Vitamin C and tannin, which is the potential value-added commercial products when proceeding into juice.
  2. The cashew fruit has mainly four products: raw nuts, cashew kernels, cashew nut shell liquid(CNSL) and cashew apples. Raw mature cashew fruits can be eaten directly, cashew kernels can proceed into cashew milk cashew butter/ paste, and roasted nut kernel for snacks, CNSL used for the paint oil industry and cashew apples can proceed into juice. The end products like cashew apple juice and cashew nut milk can be filled into small packages with bottles, cartons, metal cans. And the dry cashew nut snacks can be filled into pouches or plastic jars.
  3. Cashew fruit processing line mainly includes cashew nut and cashew apple separating machine, cashew fruit washing and cleaning machine, cashew fruit sorting machine, cashew nut deshelling and drying machine, cashew apple crushing machine, cashew nut grinding machine, cashew apple juice extracting machine, cashew nut milk extracting machine, cashew apple juice filter machine, cashew apple juice and cashew nut milk homogenizer, pasteurizer and filling machine, and some auxiliary equipment like CIP cleaning system, RO water treatment system, boiler, cooling tower.
  4. Industrializing cashew apples, specifically for the purpose of producing juice, jams, preserves, fermented cashew apple cider jelly and whole or diced dehydrated fruits, is a handy alternative to add value to products and generate income to cashew farmers due to the fact that they can be preserved for months without undergoing any undesirable changes, thus maintaining their organoleptic properties, such as aroma, taste, texture and color, besides, what is most important, their nutritional values are kept at high levels.
  5. The capacity of the cashew fruit processing line is from 500kg/h-20000kg/h for clients to choose from. The equipment configuration and technological flowchart is fully customized and flexible according to clients’ capacity and budget.
Cashew fruit structure

Cashew Fruit Processing Line End Products 

Cashew apple juice: NFC or concentrated juice can be proceed, NFC juice is 10 Brix can be filled into bottles or cartons for direct consumption, concentrated juice is 60 Brix can be filled into aseptic bags as raw ingredients for cashew fruit juice, sauce production.

Cashew apple cider: Cashew apple juice through alcohol fermentation or acetic acid fermentation, to make into the cashew apple cider or vinegar.

Cashew nut milk: Cashew nut milk is a popular plant-based drink as an alternative to animal milk. The cashew nut after deshelling, washing, drying, grinding, filtering, mixing, pasteurizing and homogenizing, then the cashew milk will be obtained and filling into cans or bottles.

cashew nut milk and juice containers

Cashew Fruit Processing Line Technological Flowchart 

Cashew apple juice processing flowchart

Fresh cashew fruits after harvest, fill into crates and use the truck to transport to the cashew fruit processing plant. Firstly, separating cashew apples from cashew fruits manually, then unloading the fruits from crates to the air bubble washing tank to clean fruits, then lift the clean cashew apples to the inspection sorting conveyor to obtain the high-quality fruits. After that, the cashew apples will be crushed by one hammer crusher, and then sent to the belt press juice extractor to obtain the cashew apple juice. The cashew apple juice can be made into clear juice through clarifying and ultra-filtration process, then the clear juice can be concentrated by falling film evaporator then packed into aseptic bags or directly sterilized/pasteurized, then filled into small packages like bottles.

Cashew apple juice processing line flowchart

Cashew nut milk processing flowchart

Cashew nut milk processing is similar to almond milk processing, cashew nuts after washing and soaking in water, then drum roasting or hot oil roasting, until this step, the hard shell and CNSL can be separated from nuts by manually or machine, then we will obtain the kernels, the kernels will be dried and peeled, then the kernels will be soaked into the water to soft, after that, the soft kernel will be grinded by the colloid mill to obtain the paste, after mixing water and other ingredients to obtain the milk, then pasteurizing, homogenizing degassing the milk, and filling into small packages.

Cashew nut milk processing line technological flowchart