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Plate Pasteurizer 

Plate Pasteurizer Application 

Plate pasteurizer also called flash pasteurizer or HTST pasteurizer, it is continuous pasteurization equipment specially designed for low-viscosity fruit juice (Apple juice or orange juice), dairy products, milk, syrup, liquid egg products, beverages, juices, wines or similar liquid materials. It is ideal equipment for sterilizing and cooling materials to extend the shelf life. This set of pasteurization equipment can be designed for different process requirements such as sterilization/pasteurization, heat preservation, cooling, etc.

Dairy Industry: It is widely used in the dairy industry to heat-treat milk, cream, and other dairy products. This helps kill harmful bacteria, extend shelf life, and maintain the flavor and texture of the products.

Beverage Industry: Many beverages, such as fruit juices, tea, and some alcoholic beverages, require pasteurization to ensure safety and quality. Plate pasteurizers can be used for the heat treatment of these beverages, allowing manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations for product safety.

Brewing Industry: In the brewing industry, plate pasteurizers are used