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Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser

Overview of The Beverage Vacuum Degasser 

The vacuum degasser is also called vacuum deaerator, the function is to remove the air (oxygen) in the feed liquid, inhibit the oxidation of browning, pigments, vitamins, fragrance components and other substances, and prevent the degradation of quality; remove the suspended particulate gas attached to the feed liquid to suppress The particles float up to maintain a good appearance; prevent foaming during filling and high-temperature sterilization; improve the appearance of the product and reduce the corrosion of the inner wall of the container. This equipment uses all the parts in contact with the materials, which are made of high-quality stainless steel. The sealing ring is made of high-quality food grade silicone rubber. The vacuum system is advanced, reliable and very important process equipment in the production of juice and food.

Application and Composition of the vacuum degasser 

This equipment adopts a vacuum system to remove smelly and oxygen in the beverage processing and dairy processing field with an aroma recovery system. This equipment is composed of degassing parts, condenser, and  vacuum pump.

Character of the Vacuum Degasser 

  •  It can greatly shorten the exhaust time of the heating or cooling system after the initial water injection, which is very conducive to the initial commissioning operation of the system.
  • Remove the gas from the system to prevent air resistance and ensure the stability and reliability of the system during normal operation.
  •  Eliminate water pump cavitation and reduce system operating noise.
  • As the oxygen in the water is removed, the aerobic corrosion of the system will be reduced and the service life of the equipment will be extended.
  • The working temperature of the degasser is 60-65℃, and the vacuum degree is 0.08mpa
  • Due to removal of the air in the water, there will be no air bubbles attached to the surface of the heat exchanger, which improves the heating efficiency.
  • The working time and cycle of the degasser can be adjusted as required.
  • The capacity of the single system can be up to 150m^3; multiple units can be used in parallel.
  • The equipment is easy to install, fully automatic operation, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.
vacuum degasser

Technical Parameter of the Vacuum Degasser