Project Description

Carton Packing Machine 

Description Of Carton Packing Machine

The carton packing machine is composed of carton opening machine, container filling machine and carton sealing machine. It uses cardboard to automatically and continuously packing glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, jars, pouches and other containers, which is suitable for automated production lines such as beer, beverages, condiments, milk and food. This machine adopts PLC + touchscreen display control, and is equipped with an alarm device for lack of bottles and cartons, and the safety protection of no bottles and no boxing. The packing form can be set according to customer requirements; the output is variable according to the product size and packing form. The assembly line greatly facilitates operation, management, and reduces production personnel and labor intensity. It is an essential equipment for automated mass production.

drop type carton packing machine

Classification Of Carton Packing Machine

Drop type carton packing machine

The drop type carton packing machine is suitable for bottles, gable top brick cartons, tetra pak aseptic cartons packing. First, the carton opening machine opens the carton, and the empty carton is transported by the conveying device to the main machine boxing position. When the bottle also enters the main machine boxing position, the bottle pressing device is pressed down to prevent the following bottles from continuing to enter, and the box pressing device will also be pressed down to prevent carton further entry. At this time, the box supporting device lifts the box on the transport chain belt to a certain height to facilitate packing, and the rear bottle blocking device moves backward to release the pressure between the bottles. Then the side push device moves and the bottle falls into the box. Then the box supporting device is lowered, and the box filled with bottles is placed on the chain belt of the box, and the chain belt conveys the box out for sealing to complete the packing process.

Grasp type carton packing machine

The manipulator clamps the container and puts it into the opened carton. When the grab head is raised, the carton is discharged and sent to the carton sealing machine. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen control. It is equipped with a container shortage alarm device. If there is no container enters, the machine will stop boxing. It is mainly applied for bottled juice, beer and water packing.

Carton Packing Machine Feature 

  1. The main drive adopts variable frequency speed regulation and PLC control technology, combined with the human-machine interface, to achieve stepless speed regulation, with fast communication capabilities and powerful diagnostic functions, ensuring the reliability of the system. Convenient operation, compact and reasonable structure, and high degree of automation.
  2. This machine uses special pneumatic components to pick and place products. Through the mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, the products are accurately and reliably loaded from the bottle conveying table into the carton.
  3. The actions of the entire packing process are independently driven by variable frequency motors to make the product lift, translate, and drop, and combine with pneumatic, electrical, and optical controls to achieve automatic operation. The movements are coordinated, and the movements are smooth and accurate.
  4. Comply with food hygiene requirements: use oil-free pneumatic components, and most of the moving parts adopt a humanized design that does not need to be lubricated for life, which reduces a lot of use costs for users. A small part of the moving parts need to be lubricated by the user adopts a centralized lubrication scheme, which is convenient for refueling and simple and convenient daily maintenance; at the same time, it has low noise and no oil pollution.
  5. Equipped with multiple protection functions, stop in time when a failure occurs. Such as automatic stop and wait when the carton is not full; when the bottle is not full, the machine stops and waits; when the grab head grabs the bottle and the carton is misplaced, it stops automatically; when the operator enters the safety isolation line, it stops automatically.
  6. The bottle conveying system adopts imported high-quality integral net chain with transition plate to ensure smooth transition with the buyer’s conveyor belt. The whole machine system automatically adjusts the packing speed according to the product feeding speed on the conveyor belt.
  7. In the automatic packaging line, the carton packing machine is the core of the entire system. The carton packing machine is used to complete transportation and packaging. It is a machine that packs finished products into cartons in a certain arrangement.
  8. The control system are all adopted to the international famous brand, such as Omron, Siemens, Danfoss, Schneider.
Grasp type carton packing machine

Carton Packing Machine Technical Parameter 

Item Technical Parameter
Packing Speed 0-25 packs/ min
Applicable Carton Size L200-500*W200-400*H150-450mm
Packing Form 1*2,2*3,3*4, 4*6,5*6 or customized
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8MPA