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Tubular Heat Exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger Description 

Tubular heat exchangers are also called shell-and-tube heat exchangers. They are the most widely used heat exchangers in the food and beverage processing industry. They can be used for preheating tomato sauce and concentrated juice and sterilizing milk or fruit juice. The tube heat exchanger is mainly composed of a stainless steel cylindrical shell, in the shell are covered with stainless steel parallel tube bundles supported by baffles. The tube bundles are installed on the tube plates at both ends of the shell. The stainless steel tube bundles are corrugated tubes, which have the feature of high heat exchange efficiency, not easy to scale and high heat compensation ability. The material generally goes inside the tube and is called the tube pass; the cold and heat medium usually goes outside the tube and is called the shell pass.

Tubular heat exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger Application 

Preheating: The tubular preheater is heated by steam to increase the temperature of the fruit and vegetable pulp to achieve the purpose of softening and killing enzymes. The steam enters the space between the shell and the outer wall of the tube to complete the heat exchange, thereby increasing the temperature of the pulp and achieving the purpose of preheating. It is suitable for preheating and pasteurizing fluid and semi-fluid materials, and pre-cooking and softening crushed materials. Such as pre-cooking and softening of broken apples, tomatoes, bananas and mango.

Sterilizing: Tube heat exchanger is the core component of the tubular sterilizer, it is widely used for sterilizing fruit juice, beverage, milk and dairy, sauce and paste products. The heat exchanger is composed of four sections: material heating, material temperature holding, material cooling and heat medium recovery section. It has high heat exchange efficiency and energy saving.

tubular heat exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger Feature

  • Using PID control, sensor signals are integrated into the control system.
  • Multi-tube structure, high throughput, no blockage in large circulation.
  • The main body of the preheater is made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel.
  • Widely used for heating or cooling high viscosity products like tomato or mango puree preheating.
  • High heat transfer efficiency, heat recovery and save energy.
  • The steam heating system uses Spirax Sacro brand to heat the material.
  • The whole machine uses SUS304 or SUS316L material, it can be fully meet hygiene requirements in the food and beverage industry.
tube preheater structure

Technical Parameter 

Model Capacity(T/H)Heat Exchange Area (m^2)Size(mm)
THE-1 10.951220*440*1080

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