Project Description

Belt Press 

Equipment Description

DXJ belt press is widely used in berries fruits, pome fruits and a variety of vegetable juice extracting industries. The equipment adopts multi-stage folding stick pressure and multi-stage pneumatic roller pressure, which has a large pressing force and high juice yield. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of a high degree of energy-saving, automatic feeding and discharging, continuous work, strong versatility, sufficient pressure filtration, low water filtration of the filter cake, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is a high juice extraction equipment. The use of such juicing equipment can increase the juice yield of 20-30%, and the juice yield can be as high as 70-75% (depending on the raw materials), which can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise. It is suitable for juice extracting of apple and pear, pomegranate, wheat seedlings, carrots, blueberries, pickles, mulberries and other fruits and vegetables on a large scale.