Project Description

Drum Washing Machine 

Description Of Drum Washing Machine

The machine is a drum structure, which is composed of a cleaning drum, a main shaft, and a brush transmission device. When working, the transmission device drives the drum and the main shaft to rotate, the friction between the roller and the raw material, the brush and the raw material is used to remove the mud and sand adhered to the surface of the raw material. The raw material is transported from the feed port to the discharge port for discharge, realizing continuous operation.

The drum washing machine uses rotary cleaning, the inner spiral guide plate pushes the material, and the material is turned over during the cleaning process, which is conducive to the cleaning of the material. High-pressure water cleaning is used, and the water source can be tap water directly connected to the sprinkler pipe or water storage tank with a high-pressure pump. Continuous production and automatic discharging are possible. For special fruits and vege