Project Description

Citrus/Tangerine/Mandarin Processing Line

Citrus Processing Line Description

  1. Processing citrus fruits differs a lot from processing other kinds of fruits, as the citrus fruits have peels and seeds, if we direct mill the citrus and extract juice from the mash, the citrus peels and seeds in juice will influence the end products taste. Due to this feature, we designed the citrus extractor that is especially for citrus fruits, and the extractor can separate the peels, seeds, pulp and juice.
  2. The citrus fruits go through extractors, juice and pulp as the main products to make into drinkable juice, whereas citrus peels and seeds as the by-products can be dewatered via belt press extractor and the final products can be as animals feed.
  3. Before citrus juice extracting, we use the citrus oil extractor to grind citrus oil from citrus peel. Depending on the variety of citrus, 0.5-2% oil will be existed in the citrus oil wash water, through three-phase disk stack centrifuge separator concentration and purification, the pure essential citrus oil is recovered.
  4. The citrus processing line offers turnkey solutions for clients include citrus juice production, citrus oil recovery, citrus peel and seeds deep processing, With this method, fruit juice producers can considerably enhance the resource utilization and cost-effectiveness of the entire system.
  5. The capacity of the citrus processing line ranges from 10 tons per day to 500 tons per day, the end product that can be produced is NFC juice, FCOJ juice, pulp, peel oil and animal feed.
  6. All the citrus processing equipment is CIP capable and made of food-grade SUS304 material, this hygienic advantage ensures the production of optimum products.

End Products and Package 

— Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice(FCOJ) filled into aseptic bags (5kg, 220kg and 1000kg).

—Non-concentrated(NFC) orange juice filled into bottles, cartons and pouches.

—Blended orange juice filled into bottles, cartons or bags.

citrus juice containers

Technological processing flowchart of Citus Processing Line 

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice(FCOJ) use fresh orange as raw materials, fresh oranges after washing, sorting, sizing, juice extracting, scrape refining, disk separating, evaporating, pasteurizing, then filling into composite bags. This processing line can be suitable for orange, lemon, lime or kinnow and other citrus fruit processing. The end product soluble solid is 65-70brix. The orange juice byproducts are orange peel, orange oil and orange pulp, and the end products will be stored at cold Room temperature -18℃.

NFC citrus juice is 100% natural juice without any other ingredients, it is purely natural and can keep the nutrition and flavor in fresh fruits. which also use fresh citrus as raw materials, after washing, sorting, juice extracting, separating to get fresh orange juice, then homogenizing and degassing and UHT sterilizing then filling aseptic brick carton, the whole filling process is aseptic, and the end products can have 12 months shelf life in aseptic processing. The other type is orange juice pasteurizing/UHT sterilizing, then cold filling into gable-top cartons or bottles, this type of juice producing, storage, transporting, sales distribution process all in 4℃ cold environment. and the shelf life is range from 14 days to 120 days.

Blended orange juice: The blended orange juice use concentrated orange juice or fresh orange as raw materials, then blend with water, sugar and other ingredients, after homogenizing, degassing sterilizing, then filled into small packages like PET or glass bottles, pouches.

orange juice processing line flowchart

Key Machine of Citrus Juice Processing Line

Fresh orange receiving, washing and sorting system

Fresh orange after harvesting from the farm, using the truck to transport to the orange processing site, then unloading the orange into orange receiving pool, through water flume, deliver orange to air blow washing machine and brush washing machine to remove the dirty matters from fresh fruits. Then use a roller sorting machine to choose the bad fruits from good fruits.

orange washing and sorting machine

Orange oil extracting machine 

The orange oil extracting machine is specially designed for grinding and extracting oil from orange peel. The machine is made of SUS304 material and with a high oil yield rate, the capacity for the citrus oil extractor is from 2-10 tons available.

citrus oil extractor

Orange juice extracting machine 

There are two types of juice extractors for citrus fruits:

The first is a squeezer-type orange juice extractor(also called whole fruit cup extractor) is specially designed for citrus juice extracting, the orange extractor has three to five channels,  which can sort the orange according to different size, then through the channel to feed citrus into the extractor cups, it can separate the juice, oil, peel and seeds, and the capacity can reach to 500 oranges per hour. The juice extractor is suitable for oranges, mandarins, tangerines, key limes, persian limes and lemons juice extracting.

The second extractor is roller half cutting juice extractor, this extractor is composed of two rollers and one sharp knife between two rollers, when the fresh citrus feeding into the hopper, the knife will cut the citrus fruits into half and then send them to two rollers, With the rotation of the pressure roller, the gap between the pressure roller and the stainless steel screen becomes smaller and smaller. Under the action of the squeezing force, the citrus juice is obtained.  The roller h