Project Description

Brush Washing Machine

Brush washing machine

Technical Parameter:

Capacity: 1TPH-25TPH raw fruits or vegetables

Material: SUS304

Power: 0.75kw-4.5kw

Component: Brush washing machine and elevator

Applied products: All kinds of fruits and vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables Brush Washing Machine Feature

The fruit brush cleaning/washing machine is used for cleaning round and elongated fruits and vegetables, waxing and polishing fruit surfaces or peeling fruits and vegetables after hot soaking with lye, it has ideal effects on product cleaning and peeling It has a great benefit for enterpriser to save labor, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

It is mainly used for cleaning, peeling or polishing of carrot, taro, ginger, potato, pepper, medicinal materials and other rhizomes and tubers. Applicable to machinery for cleaning fruits and vegetables in dehydrated vegetable factories, quick-frozen food factories, pickled vegetables and canned food processing plants.

fruit brush washer

Fruit Brush Washing Machine Configuration and Structure

The equipment is mainly composed of frame, main drive, passive drive, brush roller, reduction motor, fruit catching device, spray device, feed hopper, discharge hopper etc.

The brush is made of high-quality nylon, which is imported from overseas. And the brush roller and frame is made of SUS304, which fully meets the requirements of export food hygiene. According to the working conditions, the hardness of the brush rollers can be changed. The harder brush rollers can be used for peeling fruits and vegetables; The softer brush rollers can achieve waxing and cleaning of fruits and vegetables.

The cleaned fruit go to the brush washing machine from the previous process, and come into the high-speed rotating brush roller. Under the force of the collisions between the fruit and the friction on fruit from the brush roller, remove the remaining agricultural residues, leaves and soil on the surface of the fruits and vegetables. The spray device on the top cleans the removed debris, several sets of brush rollers operate at the same time, and the fruit drive device conveys the fruits and vegetables to the discharge port, and then goes to the next process.

Brusher washing machine structure

Main Application

The equipment is mainly applied in cleaning apples, mangoes, pineapples, pears and carrots and similar fruits and vegetables. This equipment is designed in accordance with the hygienic requirements of the food industry. It is easy to operate, convenient to use and maintain, and can be connected into automated production lines.

Brush washing machine

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