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Tubular type Steriizer

Tubular Type UHT Sterilizer Application 

Tubular type UHT sterilizer is standing for Ultra High Temperature Instantly Sterilizing, the food and beverage will be heated to 137℃-140℃ for 3-5S to kill all the bacterias and reach to commercial aseptic.  it mainly used for sterilizing fruit juices, fruit purees or fruit concentrates, with high fiber and solid contents or with high viscosity such as fresh milk, fruit juice(apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice), beverages, and alcohol. If the sterilizer is matched with high-pressure homogenizer, it can also be applied to high viscous materials. The sterilizer can connect with aseptic filler for aseptic product processing.

Tubular UHT sterilizer

Tubular Type Sterilizer Basic Components

  • Product balance tank with level control
  • Centrifuge pump for SIP and CIP  process
  • Product Screw or centrifuge pump
  • Hot water centrifuge pump
  • Hot water tank
  • Flowmeter for products and water
  • SUS304/316L shell and tube  heat exchanger
  • Frequency converters mounted on the frame
  • The steam control valve system
  • Human-machine interface(HMI) and Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) mounted on the control panel
  • One SUS304 independent electronic control cabinet
  • Pipes, valves, bends, internal signal wires, engineering and programming
  • Machine frame
tubular type UHT sterilizer

Principle of Tubular Type UHT  Sterilizer

The material is heated to 138 ~ 140 ℃ through a tube and shell heat exchanger in a continuous flow state, and maintained at this temperature for a certain time (2 to 4 seconds) to reach a commercial sterility level, and then in a sterile state Fill in sterile packaging containers in a sterile environment. The entire sterilization process is completed in an instant under high temperature, which will completely kill the microorganisms and spores that can cause the material to spoil and deteriorate. At the same time, the original flavor and nutrients of the food are greatly preserved. This strict processing technology and accurate processing method of the equipment effectively prevent secondary pollution of the food and greatly extend the shelf life of the product. The UHT process preferably uses an in-line casing heat exchanger sterilization system. Because of its reliable working performance under high steam pressure and ultra-high temperature conditions, especially the continuous working time can be up to more than ten hours. Sterilization systems are more widely used.

Tubular UHT sterilizers are widely used in fully automatic systems for “sterile” and “non-sterile” heat treatment of liquid foods. The product has a wide range of viscosities and can adapt to fibers and particles. and the control components are all international famous brand products, including PLC program controller and industrial control panel, steam pressure reducing and regulating valve, diverter valve, pressure regulator valve, material pump, hot water pump.

Sterilizer structure drawing

Advantages of UHT tubular type sterilizer

  1. The product has a wide range of viscosity. The use environment pH value is 1 to 14. It is suitable for fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, color milk, fruit juice, tea beverage, wine, ice cream, soy milk, milk beverage, longevity milk, jam Aseptic production of products such as foods, sauces, etc. The products treated by the UHT sterilization system can be maintained at room temperature for 3 to 6 months (without the addition of any preservatives) under aseptic packaging conditions.
  2. The equipment is fully or semi-automatic computer controlled, touch LCD operation.
  3. Instant processing to maintain the original flavor of the product.
  4. PID temperature control system, the sterilization temperature is continuously recorded on the recorder in real time.
  5. The product heat treatment process is uniform, and the heat recovery rate is as high as 90%.
  6. There is no contact point in the tube, no dead corners, the product will not stick to the tube, and the corrugated tube forms a high turbulence during the sterilization process, and has a self-cleaning effect in the material flow process, so it is not easy to form scale and pollution in the tube.
  7. Long continuous running time and better CIP self-cleaning effect.
  8. Fewer spare parts and lower operating costs.
  9. Easy installation, inspection and disassembly, convenient pipeline maintenance.
  10. Reliable materialSUS304 or SUS316L, can withstand higher product pressure.
  11. The temperature difference between the heating medium and the material is small, and gentle heating can be achieved. The heat exchange tubes adopt a combination of multiple tubes. Each tube adopts automatic polishing technology and automatic welding technology. There are no dents in the tube. This increase the continuous working time of the sterilizer.
  12.  High degree of automation, the entire process from CIPprocess, SIP process and material sterilization processcan be automatically controlled.
  13. The sterilization temperature control is accurate and reliable: the steam valve is used to automatically adjust the temperature to maintain heat and pressure.
  14. The system has strong security, and the system accessories are selected with good performance and high reliability. The system design attaches great importance to personnel, equipment safety, steam, hot water, materials, etc. have pressure protection measures and alarm systems.
  15. Sterilizer series production capacity can be from 1 ~ 30t / h, typical sterilization temperature is 90 ~ 140 ℃, can be connected to any filling machine (sterile or other types), sterilizer and control system installation On the chassis, the control components are all international brand-name products, including PLC program controller and industrial control panel, steam pressure reducing and regulating valve, diverter valve, pressure regulator valve, material pump, hot water pump.
  16. Designed for high precision product / water temperature difference control. The product is pumped from the balance tank, preheated to the homogenization temperature, and then preheated to 90 ~ 95 ° C to stabilize the milk protein, then sterilized by ultra-high temperature, and finally cooled to the filling temperature. Hot water pre-sterilization of the system is in the circulation loop, saving energy.
Tubular Sterilizer for juice

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