Project Description

 UHT Sterilizer

 UHT Sterilizer Application 

The UHT sterilizer stands for Ultra High Temperature Instantly Sterilizing, the liquid food and beverage will be heated to 137℃-140℃ for 3-5S to kill all the bacteria and reach commercial aseptic.  It is mainly used for sterilizing fruit juices, fruit purees or fruit concentrates, fruit pulp with high fiber and solid content(solid size less than 5*5*5mm and solid content less than 30%) or fresh milk, fruit juice(apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice), beverages, and alcohol. If the sterilizer is matched with a high-pressure homogenizer, it can also be applied to highly viscous materials. The sterilizer can connect with an aseptic filler for aseptic product processing.