Project Description

Almond Milk Processing Line 

Description Of Almond Milk Processing Line

  1. Almonds are rich in nutrients, protein, vitamins and amino acids. Almonds contain 45%-50% fat, 25% protein, 8.5% total sugar, 8.8% crude fiber, and 3% amygdalin. In addition, it also contains Ca, P, Fe, and K. The content of Ca, K, and P is 3-6 times that of cow’s milk. It is an extremely high-quality natural plant-based protein milk.
  2. Almond milk is emulsified with almond pulp, pure water, sugar, emulsifiers and flavors as raw materials. It is a turbid milk protein drink. The content of almond fat is high, so it is necessary to add water to dilute the fat during the grinding process, the ratio of almond to water is 1:10. In the process of almond dilution process, the almond content is 5%, the amo