Project Description

Almond Milk Processing Line 

Description Of Almond Milk Processing Line

  1. Almonds are rich in nutrients, protein, vitamins and amino acids. Almonds contain 45%-50% fat, 25% protein, 8.5% total sugar, 8.8% crude fiber, and 3% amygdalin. In addition, it also contains Ca, P, Fe, and K. The content of Ca, K, and P is 3-6 times that of cow’s milk. It is an extremely high-quality natural plant-based protein milk.
  2. Almond milk emulsified with almond pulp, pure water, sugar, emulsifiers and flavors as raw materials. It is a turbid milk protein drink. The content of almond fat is high, so it is necessary to add water to dilute the fat during the grinding process, the ratio of almond to water is 1:10. In the process of almond dilution process, the almond content is 5%, the amount of sugar is 8%-10%, the amount of emulsifier is 0.3%, the flavor is 0.02%, and the pH value of the prepared almond milk is 7.1.
  3. Almond milk production line includes blanching and peeling system, disinfection and washing system, grinding and filtration system, blending system, vacuum deodorization, homogenization sterilization system, filling and packaging system, CIP cleaning system, RO pure water generating system, etc.
  4. The processed almond milk can be filled into PE or glass bottles, cartons, tinplate cans; the production line capacity is 500LPH-10000LPH available.
  5. The equipment of the entire production line is made of SUS304, which complies with food production safety regulations.
  6. The amygdalin in almonds hydrolyzes cyanide under acid or enzymatic heating conditions, which is a highly toxic substance, but hydrocyanic acid is volatile and can be removed with a little heating. In view of this feature, we use high-temperature water soaking pre-cooked almonds and hot blending method to process almond milk.
  7. The almond milk production line/machine can also be used for producing walnut milk and peanut milk, as they have similar features and physical and chemical properties.

The End Products and Package Of Almond Milk Processing Line

Almond milk should be milky white or slightly off-white, with a unique aroma and taste of almonds, showing a uniform and delicate emulsion, with a soluble solid content of 6-9 Brix or 9-12 Brix, protein content between 0.5%-1.2%, and fat content is between 1.1%-1.5%.

Almond milk in PE or glass bottles or tin cans: This type of milk is pre-pasteurized, then filling into containers, after filling, the container needs to do the secondary sterilizing by retort sterilizer. The shelf life of this type of milk can reach 9-12months depends on whether you add the preservatives and sterilizing temperature.

Almond milk in aseptic brick cartons: This type of almond milk will be UHT sterilized and filled into aseptic cartons, and the almond milk does not need to add antioxidants, the shelf life can reach 8-12 months according to the carton types and ingredients.

Almond milk in gable top carton: This type of milk will be HTST pasteurized, then cool down to 4℃, and then cold filling into cartons. The carton almond milk storage, transportation and sales need to in a cold environment and shelf life is 7-10 days.

Almond milk container

Technological Flowchart Of Almond Milk Processing Line

Use dried and dehusked almonds as raw materials, blanch them in 90-95℃water for 3-5 minutes to soften the almond skins, and then lift the softened blanching almonds to a roller peeling machine to remove the skin by an elevator, and then the peeled almonds transported to the drum washing machine for cleaning and disinfection, after that they can be transported to colloid mill or ultra-micro mill for refining. The obtained almond paste is filtered through a 200-mesh filter, and then transported to a blending tank through a pump to mix with water, sugar and other ingredients. Finally, the evenly mixed almond milk is degassed, homogenized and sterilized, and filled in small packaging containers.

Almond milk processing line technological flowchart

Key Machine Of Almond Milk Processing Line

Almond blanching and peeling machine

The wet type almond blanching and peeling machine is suitable for blanching almonds and removing the brown skin on the almond kernels. The whole machine is made of SUS304 material and the capacity is 50-300kg per hour. The almond peel rate is 98% and the broken rate is less than 1%.

Soak the almonds in the hot water of the feeding hopper for 5-6 minutes, after blanching the almonds will be fed into the rubber wheel, the rotating rubber roller will rub the almonds and peel off the soft almond skin easily. After peeling, the almonds kernel is intact and perfect.

Almond colloid mill grinding machine and filter

The almond refining adopts a two-stage colloid mill to grind. The material-to-water ratio during refining is controlled at about 1:10, and then filtered through a vibrating screen of about 200 meshes, so that the fineness of particles in the material liquid is about 20μm, and the refining water is RO pure water, color protection liquid can be added during the refining process to protect the color of the product.

Almond milk colloid mill

Almond milk blending tank

The function of the blending tank is mainly to mix almond paste, syrup, emulsifier, and other flavor substances in a constant volume according to a certain formula. The tank is SUS304 material, tripe layers and with stir, it can be heated by steam or electricity, easy to use and maintain.

Almond milk blending system