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Barrel Type Hydraulic Press

Barrel Type Hydraulic Juice Press Description

Hydraulic squeezer adopts squeezing method to remove water from raw materials. During the squeezing process, the fruit and vegetable firstly crush into mashes, then load fruit and vegetable mashes into the barrels, under the action of hydraulic squeezing force, the fruit and vegetable juice is separated from the mash and collected into the juice tank through the filter, and fruit vegetable cakes are unloaded manually or automatically. It is mainly composed of upper and lower beams, left and right columns, pressure heads, trays, press barrels, filters, motors, hydraulic system and control system.

The machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, in line with national food hygiene and safety requirements. The equipment is simple to operate, sturdy and durable, with large pressing force and high production efficiency. The machine can automatica