Project Description

Barrel Type Hydraulic Press

Barrel Type Hydraulic Juice Press Description

Hydraulic squeezer adopts squeezing method to remove water from raw materials. During the squeezing process, the fruit and vegetable firstly crush into mashes, then load fruit and vegetable mashes into the barrels, under the action of hydraulic squeezing force, the fruit and vegetable juice is separated from the mash and collected into the juice tank through the filter, and fruit vegetable cakes are unloaded manually or automatically. It is mainly composed of upper and lower beams, left and right columns, pressure heads, trays, press barrels, filters, motors, hydraulic system and control system.

The machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, in line with national food hygiene and safety requirements. The equipment is simple to operate, sturdy and durable, with large pressing force and high production efficiency. The machine can automatically adjust the pressure level according to the squeezed material, and has multiple functions such as high-pressure setting self-stop and rising limit self-stop.

barrel type hydraulic juice press

Barrel Type Hydraulic Juice Press Feature 

  1. The hydraulic press includes single-bucket type, double bucket rotating type, automatic squeezing juicing machine, users can choose different equipment according to different process requirements.
  2. This equipment adopts the hydraulic pressing method to remove the moisture of fruits and vegetables and other materials. The product is mainly suitable for fruit juice extraction, vegetable dehydration processing, and medicinal juice extraction.
  3. If double-barrel interchangeable loading, unloading and squeezing of materials are used, the production capacity will also be doubled. The equipment is easy to operate, sturdy and durable, easy to maintain, large pressing force, and high production efficiency.
  4. The base of the press plate adopts a special process to be ultra-flat, to ensure the continuous and stable pressing of the press plate, and to ensure the uniform dehydration of the material.
  5. The material loading basket is processed by a one-time molding process. The inner surface is refined and polished, which is easy to clean, eliminates sanitary corners, and ensures that the structure of the material is not damaged and the discharge is clean. The press plate, barrel and frame of this machine are all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.
  6. The hydraulic oil cylinder adopts 4 kinds of sealing forms, which greatly improve the service life of the oil cylinder and prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out and contaminating food.
  7. The operation panel can choose standard button type or PLC and touchscreen display.
  8. The hydraulic press has high working pressure, stable work, large production capacity, low labor intensity, pressurize, pressure holding, and pressure relief can be completed automatically.
  9. The friction effect is small, and the juice quality is high, and the content of suspended matter in the juice is low.
  10. The pressure range is 25 tons-500 tons, high pressure and high efficiency, the juice yield rate reaches 75%, the squeezing time of one batch of juice is about 20 minutes.
  11. Compared with the screw juicer, the hydraulic press has a higher juice yield, and the material will not lose nutrients due to heat during the pressing process.
  12. The capacity of the machine is from 200kg-1200kg per hour.
barrel type hydraulic juice press

Barrel Type Hydraulic Juice Press Application 

The hydraulic press is suitable for fruit and vegetable juice processing with small capacity and batch production due to its small capacity and low automatic degree. It can extract juice from the below fruit and vegetables:

Fresh fruit juice squeezing: apple, pear, raspberry, bayberry, mulberry, citrus, pineapple, kiwi fruit, grapes, banana, coconut meat.

Fresh vegetable juice extracting: tomato, carrot, ginger, garlic, onion, chili hot pepper, wheat seedlings.

Plant and herb dehydration and juice extracting: Aloe Vera, herb leaves, wild ginseng, Chinese medicine.

barrel type hydraulic juice press

Technical Parameter

Model CapacityInner Barrel SizeCylinder PressurePower Material Discharge Type
L-100100KG/Hφ400*H500mm30T 3KW Manual/Automatic
L-200 200KG/H φ500*H500mm30T4KW Manual/Automatic
L-300300KG/H φ550*H600mm30T-50T4KWManual/Automatic
L-500500KG/H φ600*H700mm50T4KWManual/Automatic
L-600600KG/H φ700*H750mm50T4KW Manual/Automatic
L-900900KG/H φ800*H800mm50T-500T4-22KWManual/Automatic
L-12001200KG/Hφ800*H900mm50T-500T4-22KW Manual/Automatic

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