Project Description

 High-Pressure Pasteurization System

HPP System General Description

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) is also called high-pressure pasteurization or cold pasteurization, it is a non-thermal (5ºC – 20ºC) method to achieve liquid food and beverage processing and preservation.

HPP uses only cold water and extreme pressure(100-1000Mpa) for a period of time to kill microorganisms in the food, so it can safely and naturally preserve food and beverage products. As a result, there are no added preservatives or harsh chemicals involved, and you are left with a fresh, safe, longer shelf life product.

In addition to maintaining the original color, flavor and nutrients of the beverage, ultra-high pressure sterilization avoids the various disadvantages that affect the quality of the beverage due to heat treatment, it also has uniform pasteurization, no pollution, safe operation, and lower energy consumption than heat treatment. Reduce environmental pollution and other advantages.