Project Description

 High-Pressure Pasteurization System

HPP System General Description

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) is also called high-pressure pasteurization or cold pasteurization, it is a non-thermal (5ºC – 20ºC) method to achieve liquid food and beverage processing and preservation.

HPP uses only cold water and extreme pressure(100-1000Mpa) for a period of time to kill microorganisms in the food, so it can safely and naturally preserve food and beverage products. As a result, there are no added preservatives or harsh chemicals involved, and you are left with a fresh, safe, longer shelf life product.

In addition to maintaining the original color, flavor and nutrients of the beverage, ultra-high pressure sterilization avoids the various disadvantages that affect the quality of the beverage due to heat treatment, it also has uniform pasteurization, no pollution, safe operation, and lower energy consumption than heat treatment. Reduce environmental pollution and other advantages.

HPP SYSTEM for cold press juice

HPP System Application

Fruit and vegetable juice pasteurization: The ultra-high pressure pasteurization technology is suitable for the sterilization of fruit and vegetable juice and cold press juice such as tomato, pomegranate, apple, pineapple, cashew apple, carrot, berry fruit, avocado, kiwifruit, beet. The color, flavor, nutritional content of the fresh juice processed by ultra-high pressure is almost the same as that of fresh fruit and vegetables, which not only simplifies the production process, but also improves the quality of the end product juice. This non-thermal processing can maintain the original taste and color of fruits and vegetables, and can produce high-value-added products that can truly appreciate the taste of fresh juice.

Plant-based protein drinks pasteurization: Ultra-high pressure sterilized protein beverages (milk beverages and plant-based protein beverages) can save sterilization time, have obvious protective effects on important nutrients of protein beverages, have fine tissue, good flavor, and greatly extend the shelf life.

Liquid food products pasteurization: Salads, fruit vegetable purees, jams, sauces, smoothies, pieces of pulp, seafood, pet food, pieces of pulp, ready-to-eat products, etc.

HPP pasteurization system

HPP System Specified Requirements

  1. The liquid food and beverage must pack into soft flexible containers like pouches or plastic bottles, metal and glass container package food is not suitable for HPP treatment.
  2. During pasteurization, cold water exerts high pressure on food, so the food can not be high density and dry materials, otherwise, the high pressure will crush products.
  3. The food after HPP treatment, needs to store and transport in a cold environment(4-6℃) with cold chain technology.

HPP System Feature 

  • The main components of the equipment, the ultra-high pressure chamber and the restraining frame, all adopt advanced steel wire winding technology, which has uniform stress distribution, compact structure, small volume and long life during operation.
  • The inner sleeve of the ultra-high pressure vessel is made of high-strength stainless steel, which is suitable for pressurization of water media, and has strong corrosion resistance and meets the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical processing industries.
  • The equipment has a high degree of braking, and the movement of the container and the opening and closing of the two ends of the cover are all completed by an electronically controlled hydraulic drive mechanism. The moving parts will smoothly and accurately perform horizontal and vertical movements under the push of the oil cylinder to ensure the precise completion of each work step and station action.
  • The electrical control system adopts an advanced German Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and WinCC monitoring, with automatic and manual control modes, which can be switched freely.
  • When HPP machine applies to food, it mainly destroys non-covalent bonds, but it hardly affects covalent bonds. Therefore, some substances in food such as amino acids, vitamins, flavors or aroma substances will not be destroyed, so it can maintain the flavor and nutrients of the food.
  • Ultra-high pressure processing can increase the sensitivity of protein foods to proteases, improve digestibility and reduce allergies.
  • The pressure of high-pressure treatment can be transmitted to the food center instantly and evenly, without being restricted by the size and shape of the raw materials.
  • Extend food preservation time, avoid or reduce the influence of heat treatment on food additives, with low energy consumption and no pollution to the environment.
Avocado puree HPP system

Technical Parameter

Capacity 50L/H100L/H200L/H250L/H300L/H400L/H
MAX. Pressure 600Mpa
Working MediumWater
HPP Chamber Size φ220*L1500mmφ260*L2125mmφ300*L3030mmφ300*L3740mmφ320*L3930mmφ360*L4300mm
Boosting Time3-5min

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