Project Description

Disk Centrifuge Separator

Introduction of Disk Centrifuge Separator 

A disk centrifuge separator is a machine used to separate different components of a liquid mixture based on their density. In the food and beverage industry, disk centrifuge separators are commonly used to separate solids or fats from liquids.

The disk centrifuge separator also called disk stack separator is a kind of vertical centrifuge that can separate solid-liquid and liquid-liquid quickly and continuously. The rotating drum is installed on the upper end of the vertical shaft and driven by a motor through a transmission device to rotate at high speed.

The separation process in a disk centrifuge separator involves spinning a set of disks at high speed to create centrifugal force, which causes the heavy phase to move towards the outer edges of the disks while the light phase particles move towards the center. The separated components can then be collected separately.

The disk separator is specially used for two-phase and three-phase separation. The two-phase separation is to separate the suspended solid from the liquid or separate two liquids that have different specific gravity and are immiscible. The three-phase separation is to separate the two immiscible liquid phases and a phase of solid at the same