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Disk Centrifuge Separator

Introduction of Disk Centrifuge Separator 

The disk centrifuge separator also called disk stack separator is a kind of vertical centrifuge that can separate solid-liquid and liquid-liquid quickly and continuously. The rotating drum is installed on the upper end of the vertical shaft and driven by a motor through a transmission device to rotate at high speed. It is mainly divided into two types: liquid-solid separation (that is, separation of bottom concentration suspension), called clarification operation; liquid-liquid separation (or liquid-liquid-solid) separation (that is, separation of emulsion), which is called separation operation.

Disk centrifuge separators with self-cleaning bowl are used as clarifiers for the separation of fine solids which are not desired in the final product. Three-phase separators can also be used for the production of essential oil, in this process, they concentrate and purify the oil derived from citrus peel or coconut kernel.

Disk stack separators and decanters are also able to produce of juices that are very trub stable, classification of the trub particles take place in the centrifuge. Any undesired, coarse trub particles can be separated according to clients requirements to avoid undesired sediments in the juice.

The disk stack centrifuge separator is CIP capable, continuous production, high throughput and high efficiency, low energy consumption, the differential speed is adapted automatically and extremely precisely feature.

When the disk separator applied in milk industry, it can separate the fat in the milk and it is the core equipment for producing the skimmed milk.

The solid separation accuracy of the disk stack centrifuge is between 0.1-100μm and the solid content of the material that can be separated is between 0.1%-35%.

disk stack separator

The Principle of Disk Centrifuge Separator 

The high-speed disc separator is a vertical centrifuge. The rotating drum is mounted on the upper end of the vertical shaft and driven by a motor through a transmission device to rotate at high speed. Inside the drum, there is a set of disc-shaped parts nested together. There is a small gap between the discs. The suspension is added to the drum through a feed tube located in the center of the drum. When the suspension flows through the gap between the discs, the solid particles settle to the discs under the action of the centrifuge to form a sediment. The sludge slides along the surface of the disc to disengage the disc and accumulate in the inner diameter part of the drum, and the separated liquid is discharged from the drum through the liquid outlet. The role of the disc is to shorten the settling distance of the solid particles and expand the settling area of the drum. Because the disc is installed in the drum, the production capacity of the separator is greatly improved. The solids accumulated in the drum are dismantled after the separator is shut down to be manually removed, or discharged from the drum through the slag discharge mechanism without stopping.

Centrifuge separator structure

The Application of Disk Centrifuge Separator 

Food industry: fruit juice beverages solid separation, juice clarification, milk fat separating, cream separating, extraction of tea polyphenols, flavors and fragrances, chlorella concentration, yeast separation, starch, condiments, animal and vegetable oils, milk and dairy, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine extraction, bio-pharmaceuticals, plant extraction, microbial fermentation, antibiotic and vitamin extraction, etc.

Chemical industry: paint, ink, cosmetics, mineral oil, cutting fluid, biodiesel, chemical energy, etc.

disk type separator

The Technical Parameter of Disk Centrifuge Separator 

ModelCapacity(L/H)Inlet Pressure (Mpa)Outlet Pressure(Mpa)Power(KW)Weight(KG)Size(mm)
DN 3602000-50000.050.1-0.357.512001530*1150* 1500
DN 4705000-100000.050.1-0.41516001800*1200* 1750
DN 55010000-200000.050.1-0.42223001950*1550* 1960
DN 61025000-350000.10.33730002185*1728* 2082
DHN 2041000-15000.050.1-0.24520810*850* 1350
DHN 3601000-30000.050.1-0.37.512001530*1150* 1500
DHN 4703000-70000.050.1-0.41516001800*1200* 2030
DHN 5505000-100000.050.1-0.42223001950*1550* 1960

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