Project Description

Banana/Plantain Processing Line

Description of Banana/Plantain Processing Line/Machinery 

  1. Banana puree is fat-free and rich in dietary fiber, and mineral matter like potassium and sodium. It is good for the body and health for adults to digest daily, and it is also used for baby food.
  2. The banana/plantain processing line/machinery can make a non-concentrated and concentrated banana puree, clarified banana juice, banana nectar, banana wine, banana chips and banana powder according to client’s different requirements.
  3. The whole banana production plant includes a banana ripening chamber, banana washing and peeling system, banana mashing and pulping system, banana puree color-protecting system, banana puree decanter separation system, banana puree clarified system(for clarified banana juice producing), standardization system, evaporating system(For concentrated banana puree), homogenizing and sterilizing system, filling system and CIP system.
  4. The capacity of the banana processing plant varies from 1tph-30tph available for clients to choose from, and the end products can be filled into bulk aseptic bags, bottles, ca