Project Description

Falling Film Type Evaporator 

Equipment Application Field:

Falling film evaporator is a key process in liquid food and beverage processing plant.

Fruit and vegetable processing field: It is suitable for making low viscosity heat-sensitive concentrated fruit juice like apple, orange, pineapple, pomegranate juice, coconut water, grape juice, guava and passion fruit juice, etc.

Liquid food and beverage processing field: It can be also used for milk, coffee extract, tea extract, plant extract, glucose, sugar solution, starch, xylose concentrating and evaporating.

Four effect falling film evaporator

Machine Structure:

1.This falling film evaporator is mainly composed of the heater, separator, condenser, vacuum system, cooling system, material transfer pump, condensate drainage pump, operating platform, electrical instrumentation control cabinet and valves, pipelines and other systems.

2.All parts of falling film evaporator equipment that are in contact with materials, steam, secondary steam, and condensed water are all SUS304 or SUS316L.

3.The evaporator can be made into one effect, double effect and triple effect or multi-effect according to clients’ customized requirements.

Falling film evaporator flowchart

Working principle:

The raw fruit juice is feeding on the top of the evaporator and evenly distributed through the distributor to the inner wall of the heating tube. Under the gravity, it forms film shape and falls down along with the tube wall. During the descent, it is heated by the heating tube and continuously evaporates, the concentrated juice and steam generated during evaporating processing enter the gas-liquid separation chamber from the bottom of the heating chamber, and they will be separated into secondary steam and concentrated juice. Secondary steam is discharged from the top and the concentrated juice is discharged from the bottom.

Falling film evaporator working principle diagram

Advantages of Falling Film Evaporator:

(1) The material passes through one time, and the heating time is short, which can prevent thermal decomposition.

(2) Continuous operation, high effective time utilization rate of the equipment.

(3) Both evaporation and preheating are carried out under a small temperature difference, so it is not easy to coke, and also suitable for secondary steam recompression and multi-effect process operation.

(4) Due to multi-effect operation and secondary steam recompression, heat energy consumption is small.

(5) Low cooling water consumption.

(6) High heat transfer coefficient and good heat transfer performance.

(7) Can be used for materials with higher solid content and viscosity.

(8) High automatic and continuous: Automatic control of preheating temperature; Automatic evaporation temperature control; Automatic control of discharge level of concentrated juice; Automatic control of brix value of concentrated juice; Equipment CIP cleaning automatic control; automatic condensate level control; Automatic control of material feed flow.

(9) Because the material is evaporated into a film in each tube, the heating time of the material liquid is very short, so it is particularly beneficial to the evaporation and concentration of food, and the nutrient content of the food is greatly preserved.

(10) All the control system use the imported famous brand, such as steam group use Spirax Sarco brand. Touchscreen and PLC use German SIEMENS brand. The electromagnetic valve use Japan Koganei brand. Frequency transducer use DANFOSS brand. Low-voltage appliances use Schneider brand.

(11) Aroma recovery system can be added into the evaporator when producing apple or orange concentrated juice processing line.

(12)hygienic design – Clean-in-Place (CIP)-compatible with automatic sequences.

Falling Film Evaporator

Technical Parameter:

ModelSingle effectDouble effectTriple effectForth effectFifth effect
Evaporating temperature 45-90 ℃
Steam consumption Depend on the capacity and evaporating temperature of the material
Steam pressure 0.5-0.8MPA