Project Description

Tomato Ketchup Production Line 

Description of Tomato Ketchup Production Line:

Tomato Ketchup is a nutritious and healthy cooking ingredient. It is rich in vitamin C, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and iodine. It also contains protein and carbohydrates, Organic acids, cellulose. The lycopene in tomatoes has the effect of inhibiting bacteria. It contains vitamins and mineral elements and has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular system. It can reduce heart attacks, delay aging, regulate blood lipids, and enhance the body’s ability to resist radiation.

Tomato sauce/ketchup production line use tomato paste (28-30 Brix or 36-38 Brix) as main raw materials, then use pure water (RO water) to dilute tomato paste into 20-22brix or 12-14 Brix sauce or ketchup, to increase flavor and shelf life, salt, sugar, vinegar, starch, antiseptic(Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate) need to be added. After that, we use one blending tank to mix all the ingredients, then through homogenizing, degassing and pasteurizing, we fill the tomato ketchup/sauce into small four sealed bags, tin cans, bottles, doypacks or brick cartons. To extend the shelf life of the tomato ketchup, The filling should be hot filling(85-89℃) as tomato ketchup is rich in nutrients, after hot filling, we use water bath pasteurizer or spray type pasteurizing cooling tunnel to do the secondary pasteurizing, and then cooling tomato ketchup from 80℃ to ambient temperature 30℃, then packing the containers into cartons or shrink package for consumption.

All ingredients are dosed by weighing or flow meter to ensure the accuracy of the proportion of each material.

The whole production line includes RO water generating system, hot water generating system, tomato paste transfer system, tomato sauce ingredients dissolving system, tomato ketchup preparation and mixing system,  homogenizing, degassing and pasteurizing system, tomato ketchup filling machine, tomato ketchup in containers secondary pasteurizing machine and CIP system. It can be designed with continuous production or batch production according to the client’s budget and production capacity.

The tomato ketchup making machine is made of SUS304 food-grade material. After each production is completed, the CIP cleaning system will thoroughly clean the entire material pipeline and storage tank, filling machine, material pump, and sterilization machine to ensure that each batch of products is high-quality and hygienic.

The capacity of the tomato ketchup making machine is from 500L/H-5000L/H available for clients to choose from.

The end products of tomato sauce or ketchup processing plant can be filled into bottles, tubes, tin cans, pouches, sachets or glass jars.

tomato ketchup products end package

Ketchup Ingredients Formula For Reference 

Ingredients Percentage
Sterilize RO Water 38%
Concentrated Tomato Paste30%
Liquid Glouse 13.5%
Sugar 12%
Fine Salt 3%
Vinegar 2%
Starch 1%
Flavours and Sweeteners0.3%
Sodium Erythorbate0.2%

Technological Flowchart For Tomato ketchup Production Line:

There are two types of tomato sauce dilution line:

Continuous production tomato ketchup dilution line.

Raw materials are tomato paste, sugar and some other ingredients, then mix with all ingredients into blending tank, after homogenizing and degassing and pasteurizing, filling into small packages like small bottles or four sides sealed sachets.

tomato sauce processing flowchart

1Batch production tomato ketchup dilution line

This type is suitable for limited-budget clients who want to make a small capacity (Below 1TPH) tomato sauce production line. Usually, we mixed all ingredients into vacuum blending tanks. After mixed, we use this tank for pasteurizing. So this tank is integrated emulsifying, blending, pasteurizing, degassing and cooling into one body. After cooling, the tomato sauce/ketchup will be transferred into one buffer tank and then filled into small packages.

ketchup processing flowchart

Key Machine of Tomato Sauce or ketchup Production Line

Tomato paste transfer system 

This tomato paste transfer system is mainly used for transferring the concentrate tomato paste from the aseptic bag in drums to blending tanks. it consists of an electronic scale, one pneumatic piston pump, one electric hoist, pipelines.