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Milk Powder Production Line

Milk Powder Production Line Description

1. Milk powder refers to a powdered product prepared by using fresh milk as a raw material, adding a certain amount of vegetable protein and fat, vitamins, minerals and other raw materials, through the process of sterilization, concentration, and drying to make the milk powder. On the basis of keeping the original quality and nutritional value of the milk, the milk powder has the characteristics of low water content, small size, lightweight, long storage period, convenient eating and easy carrying.

2. Milk powder processing plant includes raw milk acceptance system, raw milk standardization tank, raw milk preheating machine, homogenization, sterilization, milk skimming (to produce skimmed milk powder), raw milk vacuum concentration, sugar preparation (to produce sugared full fat milk powder), spray drying, and milk powder sieving, cooling, filling, inspection, packaging, CIP cleaning station, boiler, cooling tower, air compressor, chiller, connection pipes, valves, bents, pumps, etc.

3. The milk powder production line is controlled by fully automatic PLC with highly automated, safe and pollution-free. The equipment configuration is flexible, it can produce full-fat milk powder, full-fat sugared milk powder, skimmed milk powder, flavored milk powder, etc. according to the different needs of customers.

4. Concentration and drying are the most critical processes in milk powder processing. We use a vacuum concentration evaporator to concentrate and evaporate the water in the milk under low-temperature conditions, minimizing the loss of color, flavor and nutrition in the milk; For milk powder drying, we use the most advanced centrifugal or pressure spray drying equipment, which has the characteristics of fast drying speed, low-temperature drying, good product sanitary quality, and it is carried out under fully enclosed conditions and is not easy to be polluted.

5. The final product of milk powder can be packaged in tinplate cans, plastic aluminum foil composite bags, kraft paper bags, carton box, etc.

6. The entire milk powder production plant equipment is made of SUS304, equipped with a CIP cleaning system, the production process is carried out in a fully enclosed environment, and the final product is inspected by strict inspection equipment to ensure the high quality of the milk powder.

7. The capacity of milk powder production is from 1 ton per day to 100 tons per day available for clients to choose from.

Milk Powder Production Line End Products 

Full-fat milk powder: it is made from milk as raw material, with food additives, nutritional fortifiers, after concentrated and dried into powder products. Whole milk powder can be filled into composite bags or tinplate cans.

Skim milk powder: Milk powder is obtained by using milk as raw material, adding food additives, removing fat from the milk through a centrifugal separator, and then concentrating and drying the milk powder.

Full-fat sweetened milk powder: Milk powder is made from milk and white sugar as raw materials and can be added with food additives, after concentrated and dried to produce full fat sweetened milk powder.

Flavored milk powder: a powdered product obtained by using milk as the main raw material, adding auxiliary materials, and concentrating and drying.

milk powder package

Milk Powder Production Line Technological Flowchart  

Fresh milk after the reception, then the milk will be standardized, preheated and separated, then pasteurized, and homogenized, the milk will be pumped into vacuum falling film evaporator, after concentration, the milk will be sent to spray dryer to make milk powder, then cooling to 30℃, after sieving, then milk powder will be filled into containers like bags or metal cans, then through the metal detector, the milk powder in the container will be checked and then print on date and stored into the warehouse.

milk powder processing line technological flowchart

Milk Powder Production Line Key Machine Introduction

Milk preheating and separation machine

Centrifugal separation is an indispensable step in the production of skimmed milk powder. After the raw milk is checked and accepted, it is preheated to 35-38℃, and then centrifuged separation. After separation, both cream and skim milk can be obtained. The fat content of the separated skim milk does not exceed 0.1%.

milk storage tank

Milk homogenization and pasteurization machine

When raw milk is centrifuged separation and pressure spray drying, it will be mechanically squeezed and impacted by centrifuges and high-pressure pumps to varying degrees, and has a certain homogenization effect. Therefore, when processing whole milk powder, homogenization is not necessary, but if standardization is carried out and cream or skimmed milk is added, homogenization is required. First, the raw milk is heated to about 60°C and homogenized with a pressure of 20Mpa. After the homogenization is completed, the milk is pasteurized by a plate type pasteurizer, the pasteurizing technological flowchart is 85-87℃ hold for 15S,  and then the pasteurized milk will be stored in the milk storage tank.

fresh milk pasteurizing, homogenizing unit

Milk vacuum concentration machine

Concentration is the use of heating to vaporize part of the water in the milk and continuously remove it, thereby increasing the dry matter content in the milk. The pre-treated milk uses a vacuum falling film concentration evaporator to concentrate to a dry matter content of 45%-55%, so that the concentrated milk is 1/4 of the o