Project Description

Tube in Tube Sterilizer 

Tube in Tube Sterilizer Description

Aseptic tube in tube sterilizer has a high degree of automation. The entire process from CIP SIP and material sterilizing can be automatically controlled and recorded. The machine has a small temperature difference between the heating medium and the material, which can achieve gentle heating.

The heat exchanger four-layer tubes, mirror surface polishing, less scale, and increases the working time of the sterilizer. The sterilization temperature control is accurate and reliable. The systems that affect the sterilization temperature, such as steam pressure, flow rate, and material flow rate, are strictly and automatically controlled.

The pipe design is completely automatic cleaning, sterilization to ensure the sterility of the system; the system has strong safety and the system accessories are selected with high performance and high-reliability products. The system design attaches great importance to personal and equipment safety. Steam, hot water, fuel, etc. have pressure protection measures and alarm systems.<