Project Description

Pineapple Processing Line 

The Characteristics Of Pineapple Juice Processing Line 

1. The pineapple processing line can produce clear juice, cloudy juice, concentrated juice, canned pineapple and jam, pineapple puree, canned pineapple chunks and dry pineapple slice.

2. The pineapple processing equipment is mainly composed of pineapple air bubbling washing machine, elevator, fruit sorting machine, brush washing machine, pineapple cutting and peeling machine, hammer pineapple crusher, belt press juice extraction, disk separator, ultra-filtration (for clear pineapple juice processing), pineapple juice concentration equipment(Only for concentrated pineapple juice production), pineapple juice sterilization filling machine.

3. The pineapple processing plant is combined with a high degree of automation, top configuration, scientific reasonable technological flowchart and food-grade hygiene standards.

4.Processing capacity: from 20 tons/day to 1500 tons/day with fresh pineapple input.

5. Pineapple juice yield rate is 55%-75% according to different breeds.

6. Raw fruit Brix value is about 12 Brix; Concentrated pineapple juice is 62-65 Brix.

7. Low-temperature vacuum concentration can keep flavor substances and nutrients maximum degree, the multi-effect evaporator can recover the heat and save energy.

8. The UHT sterilizer heat treatment and aseptic filling of pineapple juice can ensure the original flavor and keep the nutrition of the finished product to the maximum extent under the condition of ensuring the shelf life of the juice.

9. The whole pineapple production equipment adapts to food-grade SUS304 material and equips the CIP cleaning system, which can meet the hygiene requirements.

10. The central control system is the brain of the whole pineapple production line, It controls the automation of the production line and makes sure running with high efficiency and safety.

11. We offer turnkey project pineapple processing plant for producing all the pineapple products like pineapple pulp, pineapple juice, canned pineapple products, dry pineapple products according to clients’ different requirements.

End Products Of Pineapple Processing Line 

Concentrated Pineapple Juice(CPJ): filled into Aseptic bag in drums or bag in box containers.

NFC(Not From Concentrated) Pineapple juice: filled into PET or glass bottles, aseptic cartons or pouches.

Reconstituted pineapple juice: Use concentrated pineapple juice as raw materials, then dilute with water and add flavoring agents, after full blended, then after pasteurized, homogenized, degassed and filled into small bottles, tin cans.

Pineapple pulp: it is the product obtained from peeled pineapple by crushing and pulping. The pineapple pulp may be preserved by thermal treatment and by adding preservatives. It is packed into small and bulk lots for further industrial processing and formulations in ice cream mixes, jellies, jams, and sodas. The pulp can be heat sterilized and packed aseptically, leading to a product with a long shelf life without any added preservatives

—Dry Pineapple slice/chips: The fresh pineapple washing, peeling, slicing, then sending to the vacuum dryer for drying. The dried pineapple slice will be filled into pouches or jars. The fresh pineapple slice moisture content is 70%-80%, after drying, the mango slice moisture content is about 10%-12%. The drying temperature is about 60℃, and one batch of pineapple slice drying takes about 20-22 hours.

Canned Pineapple Chunks: Fresh pineapple after washing, sorting, cutting two ends and remove fruit core, then use the slicer machine to cut the pineapple into slices or chunks, then add the antioxidants and sugar water to mix, and filled into metal cans.

Pineapple juice containers

The Technological Flowchart of Pineapple Juice Processing Line 

Fresh pineapple uses an air bubble washing machine to wash dirty matters, then sort out the bad and rotten fruits through roller conveyor, then we will get clean and high-quality fresh pineapples. Then there are two options for pineapple juice extracting, the first processing method is using pineapple peeling and core removing combiner to remove the peel and core, then after fruit crusher, belt press juicer, then we will get the fresh pineapple juice; The second method is that fresh pineapple will be fed into roller type juice extractor to extract the juice directly. Then you can choose if you need to concentrate juice or not. If your end products are selling to dealers and pineapple juice repacking manufacturers, then you can use an evaporator to concentrate pineapple juice and after sterilizing then filled into aseptic bags in bulk; if your end products are selling to supermarkets, then after you get the fresh pineapple juice, you just need to sterilize then fill into small packages like bottles or Tetra Pak cartons.

pineapple juice processing flowchart

Key Machine Of Pineapple Juice Processing Line 

Fresh pineapple washing and sorting machine 

Fresh pineapple use air bubbling washing machine and brush washing machine. It provides pineapple fruits soaking, washing and rinsing. Through two washing processes, the dirt and bacteria on the surface of the fruit are removed. Then use the roller sorter to choose low qualified fruits.

Pineapple washing and sorting machine

Pineapple peeler and end cutter 

The machine is mechatronic multi-functional, which can complete peeling, cutting both ends, cutting / Core cutting 4 actions. Through intelligent profiling, It can automatically adapt to the height and thickness of fruits, peeling thickness adjustable, compatible with pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, Jackfruit, watermelon and 20 other fruits.

Capacity:400-500pcs/hour; Suitable diameter of fruits: 80-250mm; Suitable height of fruits: 80-400mm; The thickness of peeling: 1.5-10mm

 Pineapple juice extractor 

The belt press is designed for continuous juice extraction from chopped pineapple fruits or pineapple mash without the previous necessity of enzymatic treatment. The juice extraction is obtained by increasing the pressure on the fruit cake placed between the two running belts. The fruit cake is conveyed on the upper belt where is uniformly distributed. After its conveying on the lower belt, the fruit cake is subjected to a further increasing of pressure by approaching the two belts toward the wedge zone. In the pressure zone, the cake contained between the two belts, follows an S pattern around the rolls with a different and decreasing diameter. The capacity for the belt press pineapple juice extractor is from 3 tons per hour-20 tons per