Project Description

Pineapple Processing Line 

The Characteristics Of Pineapple Juice Processing Line 

1. The pineapple processing line can produce clear juice, cloudy juice, concentrated juice, canned pineapple and jam, pineapple puree, canned pineapple chunks and dry pineapple slice.

2. The pineapple processing equipment is mainly composed of pineapple air bubbling washing machine, elevator, fruit sorting machine, brush washing machine, pineapple cutting and peeling machine, hammer pineapple crusher, belt press juice extraction, disk separator, ultra-filtration (for clear pineapple juice processing), pineapple juice concentration equipment(Only for concentrated pineapple juice production), pineapple juice sterilization filling machine.

3. The pineapple processing plant is combined with a high degree of automation, top configuration, scientific reasonable technological flowchart and food-grade hygiene standards.

4. Processing capacity: from 20 tons/day to 1500 tons/day with fresh pineapple in