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Papaya Processing Line 

Pawpaw/ Papaya Processing Line Description 

1. Papaya is also called pawpaw, it is a tropical fruit having commercial importance because of its high nutritive and medicinal value. Papaya cultivation had its origin in southern Mexico and Costa Rica. Total annual world production is estimated at 6 million tonnes of fruits. India leads the world in papaya production with an annual output of about 3 million tonnes. Other leading producers are Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Indonesia, China, Peru, Thailand and the Philippines.

2. Papaya/pawpaw fruits size ranges from 15-45cm in length and 10-30cm in diameter, when the papaya is ripe, the fruit pulp is soft, and the fruit is composed of peel, pulp and seeds, so when we proceed the papaya pulp, we need to remove the fruit peel and seeds to obtain the papaya pulp.

3. The papaya is rich in nutrients, sweet in taste, soft and juicy. It can be eaten raw or proceed into the puree or juice. Papaya puree is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, mineral iron, calc