Project Description

Fruit Stone Washer 

Fruit Stone Washer Application

This machine is mainly used for stone fruit pitting and fruit stone washing has two main functions:

1.Separating residual pulp on the fruit stones such as peach, plum, apricot, cherry and other stone fruits to improve the pulp yield rate.

2. Peeling and destoning mango, avocado and other big stone fruits.

tamarind seed removing machine

Fruit Stone Washer Feature

  • The frame adopts a whole frame welding structure, with good overall rigidity and low vibration.
  • Before leaving the factory, the rotating shafts have passed the dynamic balance test, and the product performance match the requirements.
  • The movable door of the stone outlet adopts a unique hinge mechanism design, one person can easily open the movable door horizontally, making the cleaning and replacement of the screen more convenient.
  • All made by stainless steel, match the food sanitary standard.
  • Design with auto cleaning interface, inner with multi-angle spray ball, high standard of auto cleaning.
  • The machine can be designed on a processing line, auto production with low labor intensity.
  • Fully enclosed structure except the feeding and discharging, good safety protection performance.
  • The surface of the press roll of this equipment has protruding needle punches, fruits will be grabbed inside.
  • The squeezing roll and the sieve are in the shape of a half crescent, the gap turns larger to smaller, which can better squeeze the pulp.
  • The frame structure welded by stainless steel pipes and other profiles of the frame has good overall rigidity, low vibration of the whole machine, and safety cover on the transmission chain, which has good safety protection performance.
  • According to different fruits, the gap between the sieve and the press roll can be adjusted to meet the requirements of production conditions.
  • this machine mainly composed of frame, main drive, driven, sieve, discharge screw, feeding vat, discharging vat, etc.
  • The two ends of the rotor shaft are respectively supported on the main bearing seat and the bearing seat on the movable door. The rubber scraper installed on the rotor is clamped by the stainless steel angle iron and the pressure plate, and the distance between the rubber scraper and the inner wall of the screen is adjustable.
  • In order to increase the residence time of the stone in the screen and make its surface sufficiently rubbed, the scraper is designed to form an angle with the axis of the screen instead of being parallel to the axis.
  • The power is provided by the motor, and is transmitted to the rotor through the pulley and the V-belt.
  • The feed screw is fixed to the rotor shaft by screws, so the speed is the same as that of the rotor.
  • The movable door can be opened as required, and is generally used to take out the screen and clean the inside of the shell thoroughly on a regular basis.
  • The shell has a built-in spray device for cleaning the screen and the inner wall of the shell after each shift is completed.
  • Taking into account the smooth ejection of the stone, the shell is designed to be inclined.
  • Observation windows are set on both sides of the shell to observe the internal operation without opening the movable door.
mango peeler and destoner

Fruit Stone Washer Working Principle 

During working, the fruit stone enters through the feed port and pushed into the sieve by the feeding screw. As the rotor rotates, the stone is pressed against the inner wall of the screen by the scraper of the rotor due to the centrifugal force. Friction occurs between the shape path and the sieve, and the pulp attached to the stone is gradually scraped off, discharged through the mesh of the sieve, and finally accumulated in the shell and discharged from the pulp outlet. Due to gravity, the stone moves to the door and discharged from the stone outlet.

fruit stone washer structure

Technical Parameter 

Model Size (mm)Sieve Diameter(mm)Power(KW)Capacity

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