Project Description

Stand Up Pouch Filler

Stand Up Pouch Filler Application

full-auto stand-up pouch filling and capping machine series, is widely used to package liquid food or cream products, such as various diary products, yogurt, cream, plant-based milk, juice, liquid egg, sediment, beverage, food sauce and jam, fruit and vegetable juice/puree, medicine, etc., The machine is composed of stepping revolving, pouch feeding, spout cleaning, liquid material filling, cap sorting, cap feeding and cap screwing, pouch discharging etc. The machine is a new kind of foodstuff packaging equipment with reasonable structure and advanced performance and has been applied with PLC and HMI. The whole machine is made of SUS304 material, which fully meets the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

The stand-up pouch filling and capping machine is suitable for the filling and sealin