Project Description

Chili Sauce Production Line 

Chili Sauce Production Line Description

  1. The chili hot pepper sauce is very popular in East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia as cooking or food ingredients. It is composed of chili stem cutting machine, chili washing and sorting machine, chili hot pepper blanching(boiling) machine, chili hot pepper crush machine, chili hot pepper pulping machine, chili hot pepper sauce blending preparation system, chili sauce homogenizing, sterilizing and filling machine, CIP cleaning machine, RO water treatment system.
  2. The ingredients of the chili sauce mainly include sugar, water, salt, onion, garlic, spices, seasonings, etc. These ingredients preparation and mixing will proceed in powder mixing tanks or high shear dissolving tanks.
  3. The capacity of the chili sauce production line is from 500L/H-10000L/H, and the end products can be filled into PET or glass bottles, jars, pouches or sachets.
  4. Chili sauce will be pasteurized by one tube pasteurizer or cooking tank before filling, and to ensure the shelf life of the end products, the chili sauce container will perform secondary pasteurizing after filling with the spray type or water bath type pasteurizer.
  5. The whole chili pepper sauce equipment is configured freely according to clients’ budgets and filling containers.
  6. The chili hot pepper sauce machine is made of food-grade SUS304 material, it is the ideal equipment for food processing plants.
  7. According to clients’ different requirements, hot chili sauce, fermented hot sauce or chili pepper powder can be produced.

Chili Sauce Production Line End Products and Package 

Chili hot pepper sauce: It is a hot and spicy condiment and seasoning, which is rich in vitamin, sodium, calcium, carbohydrate, and essential food ingredients. The end chili sauce will be filled into consumable packages like bottles, four sides sealed sachets or pouches.

Fermented chili pepper sauce: The fresh chili pepper will be washed, crushed and milled into 3-4mm chili pepper pieces, then mixed with 1-2mm garlic and ginger pieces, and then add salt, water, vinegar to mix all the ingredients together in mixing tanks, after that, the mixed chili sauce will be pumped into the fermentation tank, in the fermentation tank, the hot sauce will be fermented for 10 days at 25℃, then the fermented chili sauce will be pasteurized and filled into glass jars or cans.

Chili hot pepper powder: Fresh chili will be sundry, then air washing, sorting, crushing and grinding, then use the belt dryer to make the ground chili into the chili powder. The chili powder can be filled into jars or pouches.

chili sauce containers

Chili Sauce Production Line Process/ Technological Flowchart

The fresh red or green chili hot pepper after harvesting, use the pepper stem cutting machine to remove the stem, then upload the chili hot pepper into air blowing washing machine to remove the sand or foreign matters, then do inspection sort out the rotten hot pepper and remove the remain stems by workers, then the high-quality chili pepper will be blanched or boiled in a blancher to soften the chili pepper, after that the soft hot peppers or chili will be sent to one chopper to crush the pepper into mash, and following that, the pulping machine will remove the seeds and break further into the puree. After that, the chili pepper paste will be blended with other ingredients, then after homogenizing, degassing then filled into bottles or sachets.

Chili hot Pepper sauce processing line technological flowchart

Key Machine Of Chili Sauce Production Line 

Chili pepper stem cutting machine

This equipment is mainly used for the removal of dry and wet chili pepper handles. The equipment has high cutting rate, low pepper loss and high efficacy. It can adapt to different varieties and chili hot pepper types. It is an important equipment for the processing of bulk chili hot peppers, which can replace a large number of workers and greatly improve work efficiency. It not only greatly increases the output, but also removes the bends of the peppers, which greatly solves the difficult handling of the chili hot peppers in the agricultural market today.

The main working principle: during the rolling process of the drum, the outer cutter and the wall of the sieve cylinder produce a mechanical twisting force on the hot pepper handle which penetrates the sieve hole, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the chili hot pepper handle.

Chili pepper stem cutting machine

Chili hot pepper washing and sorting machine

This chili washing machine is made of SUS304 material, water is used as the medium, and the air bubbles are formed by the strong flow turbine fan to roll and clean the chili pepper flexibly. While cleaning, spray pipes and nozzles are added to the upper part of the mesh belt, and the high-pressure water pump is used for circulating spraying, which effectively suppresses the pepper floating and material cleaning.

The chili hot pepper inspect conveyor is used to sort out the low-quality peppers, it is belt mesh conveyor and can meet 5-6 workers operate at the same time.

chilli pepper washing machine
Chili pepper sorting machine