Project Description

Onion Paste Processing Line 

Onion Paste Processing Line Description 

  1. Onion, also known as scallion, is a common vegetable on people’s table. It is rich in protein, sugar, crude fiber, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Onions can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive glands, increase appetite, and promote digestion and anti-aging effect. There is an anti-diabetic compound in the onion, which has the effect of stimulating the synthesis and release of insulin, and has a control effect on the condition of diabetic patients. Onions can resist pressure-boosting substances such as catecholamines in the body, effectively lower blood pressure and prevent the formation of thrombus, thereby preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  2. The fresh onion can be proceed into onion paste, onion sauce, dry onion slice and other value-added products. Onion paste is mainly composed of onion puree and water, which is one of the most popular condiments in India; Onion sauce’s main ingredients are onions, tomatoes, garlics, hot peppers, sugar and salt.
  3. The onion processing plant capacity is from 500kg/h-5000kg/hour, and all the equipment for onion processing are made of SUS304 food-grade material.
  4. The onion paste/sauce can be filled into sachets, glass jars or metal cans; Onion slices can be filled into pouches.
  5. The onion processing plant includes onion peeling machine, onion washing machine, onion crushing and grinding machine, onion slicer(for dry onion slice making), onion paste or sauce formulation/blending tank, onion slice dryer, onion paste/sauce pasteurizer and filler, CIP cleaning system.
Onion paste end package

Onion Processing Technological Flowchart

Onion paste/sauce processing line flowchart

Fresh onion after peeling, air bubble washing, then sort out the high-quality onions, after that the onions will go to the crushing and pulping machine or colloid mill machine to make into the onion pulp/puree, after preliminary filtering, then pump into the blending tank to add all the necessary ingredients to make into the onion sauce, or the onion pulp can also feed into vacuum boiling tank for making the onion paste, then after homogenizing and pasteurizing, the end products will be filled into the small containers like sachets, bottles or cans.

Dry onion slice processing flowchart

Fresh onion after washing, peeling and sorting, then use the fruit slicer to cut the onion into slices, then feed the onion slices into the vacuum belt dryer to make the dry onion slices, then the slice will be filled into jars or pouches.

Onion processing line technological flowchart

Onion Processing Line Main Machine Introduction

Onion peeling machine

Onion peeling can use the brush peeling machine or pneumatic peeling machine. Using pneumatic principle, dry and fully automatic digital control, there is no limit to the size and variety of onions, not only easy to operate but also high yield. The surface of the peeled onion is smooth and harmless. The onion and onion skin are automatically separated, safe and hygienic. It is the most advanced onion peeling equipment in China. And the capacity for the onion peeling machine is 500-2000kg per hour, and the material is SUS304 material.

onion peeling machine

Onion washing and sorting machine

After the onion is peeled, it will be loaded into the crates, then unload the onions in crates into the air bubble washing tank to wash off the foreign matters on the onions. The onion washing machine is using high-pressure water to clean the dirties and has a good cleaning effect, it is fully automatic and saves much labor. After washing, the clean onions will be elevated to the belt conveyor to sort out the low quality and rotten onions, the onion sorting process is manual.

Onion bubble washing machine
onion sorting conveyor

Onion crushing and grinding machine

The premium and clean onions will be conveyed to the pulping machine or colloid mill to make the onion puree, In this machine, the complete onion will be crushed and grounded into the mashes and purees. And the onion purees still include a large quantity of fiber and solid materials, so after pulping or grounding, usually the sieve filter or double filter will be used to remove the large particles and solids in the puree.