Project Description

Carbonated Drink Production Line

Carbonated Drink Production Line Description 

  1. Carbonated drinks also called CSD drinks, sparkling water or soda drinks, it is composed of water, sweeteners, flavors, colors, carbon dioxide and other ingredients. Carbonated drinks have the effect of replenishing the water needed by the human body, enhancing appetite, relieving heat and cooling. As the beverage ingredients contain carbon dioxide, it also has the effect of sterilizing beverages to extend the shelf life. But carbonated drinks are high in sugar, and excessive drinking can also cause obesity.
  2. The carbonated drinks production line is composed of RO water treatment system, sugar and ingredient dissolving system, carbon dioxide and syrup premixing system, filling and packing system and CIP system.
  3. In the carbonated beverage production line, the carbonation tank mixer is the key equipment. When carbon dioxide and water are mixed, we use static mixing and low-temperature dissolution, and the vapor-liquid contact area is large, so that the mixing efficiency is maximized.
  4. The CO2 mixed carbonated beverage will be immediately pumped to the filling machine for low-temperature filling, and after filling the drinks will go for capping(sealing) instantly, so as to ensure that the gas content of the beverage will not be lost.
  5. Adopting carbon dioxide and water pre-mixing and one-time filling method, the ratio of syrup and water is controlled accurately, and there are few bubbles in the filling process.
  6. As it is low-temperature filling, after filling, we adopt to bottle or can warming machine to heat the beverage to room temperature to facilitate subsequent labeling and packaging processes.
  7.  Carbon dioxide levels vary widely, and are usually expressed as ‘volumes of CO2 gas’ (i.e. the volume of carbon dioxide contained in solution in one volume of product). Lightly carbonated products will contain around 2.0–3.0 volumes of the gas, while moderate carbonation usually refers to about 3.5–4.0 volumes, and high carbonation levels are around 4.5–5.0 volumes.
  8. The core machine like CO2 and water mixer, isobar filling machine, bottle warming machine all use PLC control, full automatic to ensure the production line fluency.
  9. The Capacity of the carbonated processing line is from 1000LPH-15000LPH available to choose.

Carbonated Drink Production Line End Product and Package 

Carbonated water(Sparking water): The main ingredients are pure or mineral water, syrup and carbon dioxide. The beverage can be filled into PET or glass bottles, Aluminum cans.

Fruity flavor carbonated drinks: It is composed of water, syrup, flavor, sweetener and CO2. All these ingredients fully mixed and filled into bottles or cans.

Juice carbonated drinks: This type of beverage consists of concentrated fruit juice, drinking water and CO2. When producing this type of beverage, the juice beverage needs to be sterilized after the juice is mixed with water, then the pasteurized juice can be mixed with carbon dioxide and filling into bottles or cans.

carbonated drinks container

Technological Flowchart Of Carbonated Drink Production Line 

Natural and pure white sugar is weighed and added to the sugar dissolving tank(high shear mixing tank), then sweeteners, sour agents, emulsifiers, flavor and color agents are added in tank sequencely, and finally purified water is added to dissolve sugar and make syrup. The dissolved syrup is pumped into the standardization mixing tank through a centrifugal pump( in the mixing tank, you can add concentrated juice to make juice carbonated drinks). After all ingredients are fully mixed, use the plate cooler to cool down the beverage to about 4℃, then transferred them to the carbonation mixing tank, in this tank, the filtered pure CO2 will mix with beverage at low temperature to make the carbonated drinks. Until this process, we have obtained the CO2 drinks, the last step is pumping the drinks to filling machine and filling into bottles or cans with 4 ℃, then after warming to room temperature and pack them into shrink package or cartons.

Carbonated drinks production line flowchart

Key Machine Of Carbonated Drink Production Line 

Syrup preparation system

The syrup is a very important ingredient in carbonated drinks, so in order to make high-quality syrup, firstly we need to choose pure natural high-quality sugar. Secondly, we need to control the technological process of producing syrup. In the sugar dissolving process, the sugar dissolving tank is stirred while adding sugar to the tank, then use 50-55°C hot water to dissolve the sugar until the syrup soluble solid content reaches to 45-65brix, then we get syrup. After the syrup is obtained, the double filter is used to filter out the impurities in the sugar liquid. Use a plate or tube sterilizer to sterilize the syrup by heat treatment at 90-95 degrees. At last, we will get the high-quality syrup for beverage use.

Ingredients dissolving system

Carbonation mixer

The carbonation mixing tank mainly completes the process of fully mixing carbon dioxide and water. Before the carbon dioxide enters the mixing tank, the potassium permanganate tower and activated carbon tower should be used to remove the organic matter and impurities of carbon dioxide. Then the pure CO2 will be mixed with 4℃chill water at low temperature firstly, then the carbonated water will be mixed with syrup which is cooled by plate heat exchanger in a static mixer. At last, we will get the carbonated drinks.

The mixer system consists of a deoxygenation pre-carbonization tank, a syrup tank, a liquid level gauge, a static mixer storage tank, an electrical control system, a gas supply box, pipelines and valves. It is made of high-quality stainless steel 304, and both inside and outside surfaces are polished, which is in line with the requirements of international food hygiene standards; Fully automatic and with an alarm system. The pressure and liquid level of the machine are automatically adjusted, the whole process of the production operation is controlled by PLC. Once the failure occurs, automatic alarm and automatic stop; Mix even and match proportion, use static mixer advanced technology to mix water and carbon dioxide. It is controlled by a fine-tuning needle valve and the mixing precision is about 5‰.

Carbonation mixer

Carbonated drinks filling machine

The carbonated drinks filling machine also called isobar filling machine. The isobar filling valve will not directly impact liquid, and the loss of carbon dioxide is minimal. It is suitable for carbonated beverages, beer, sparkling wine and other gas contain beverages with a filling pressure less than 0.5mpa.

carbonated drinks filling machine