Project Description

Cold Glue Paste Labeling Machine

General Description 

The automatic paste cold glue labeling machine is generally suitable for single side or double-sided labeling of round containers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. It adopts (Taiwan) touch screen, man-machine interface and PLC control system, and adopts fully mechanical transmission with closed transmission box. The machine is lightweight, low failure, low noise, low motor load, Panel and turntable conveyor belts are made of stainless steel, not rusty, durable, clean, easy to maintain, small footprint. The machine can be worked separately or combined with production line.

cold glue paste labeling machine


  1. The labeling machine is suitable for labeling on cylindrical containers. Mainly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide and other industries, the label is paper label. Use paste-type labeling glue as the adhesive, most labeling glues can be used.
  2. It is convenient to change varieties, and it is suitable for multiple containers and labels sharing one production line.
  3. To switch from one type of bottle and labeling to another type of bottle and label, some parts need to be replaced. These replacement parts mainly include a bottle-separating screw, a labeling belt, a rolling sponge, and a label-taking revolving bottle. The replace parts depend on the change of bottle and label size. In the case of little change, it is not necessary to replace it.
  4. The labeling machine has high precision, good stability in use, flat labeling, no wrinkles, no bubbles, and the pass rate of the labeling machine can reach 99.9%.
  5. Adopt stepless variable speed motor, speed can be adjusted, photoelectric detection of feeding bottles, no bottles and no labels.
  6. The paste tank is designed with high precision, the rubber roller takes the glue evenly, does not drip, the label sticks firmly and flatly, and the error rate is low.
paper cold glue label machine

Technical Parameter

Model Parameter
Labeling speed 40-120B/min
Labeling ContainerRound PET or Glass bottles, Jars, cans
Container Diameter Sizeφ40-120mm
Label Material Coated Paper
Label SizeL35-300mm/W30-98mm
Labeling Precision ±1mm
Glue MaterialWater-soluble resin glue
Machine Size (L*W*H)2800*1200*1400mm

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