Project Description

Tea Drinks Processing Line

General Description

  • Tea beverage refers to the tea juice made by soaking tea leaves with water through extraction, filtration, clarification and other processes, or adding water, sugar liquid, sour agent, food flavor, fruit juice or plant (grain) extract to the tea juice. The finished product has the unique flavor of tea, contains natural tea polyphenols and other active ingredients of tea, and has nutrition and health benefits. It is a multi-functional beverage for cooling and quenching thirst.
  • The tea drinks processing line capacity ranges from 500L/H  to 18000L/H.
  • Raw materials can be green tea, black tea, oolong tea and other teas
  • Tea beverages (including fruit flavors, milk flavors), concentrated tea juice, tea powder and other products can be produced.
  • The tea drinks production line configuration is flexible, and equipment with different functions can be realized according to the customer’s different final product requirements
  • Tea extract can be used for leaching in basket type or tilt-type, continuous countercurrent type, etc.
  • The cold brew tea extraction temperature is moderate(40℃-50℃), and the nutrition and flavor of the tea can be retained to the maximum extent while ensuring the juice yield of the tea.
  • The modular design of the whole line, combining different processing techniques.
  • Full automatic machine to ensure the high efficiency of the whole production line.
  • The whole processing line is equipped with CIP system, equipment and pipelines are easy to clean.
  • The material contact parts of the system are all made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety.
  • Since tea beverages contain tea polyphenols, they are easily oxidized during processing. In order to avoid this phenomenon, we have corresponding devices to prevent oxidation during the process of blending and filling.

End Products and Packages

Pure tea beverage: Beverage made by extracting tea juice from fresh tea leaves, adding plant or grain extracts, syrups, sour agents and other ingredients to the tea drinks, after mixing and sterilizing, then filling into small bottles or tin cans.

Fruit juice tea beverage: Add the original fruit juice or concentrated fruit juice, sugar liquid, spices, acidulant and other auxiliary materials to the tea extract, and fill it into the carton or bottle container after mixing and sterilizing.

Soda-type tea beverage: A tea beverage prepared by adding tea extract as the main ingredient, adding CO2, spices and other ingredients, it is a common carbonated tea beverage.

Health-care functional tea beverage: It is made with tea extract or tea polyphenols as the main material, adding Chinese herbal medicine, plant raw materials (ginseng, wolfberry, turmeric, etc.) or nutritional fortifiers, then after mixing, sterilizing, then filled into bottles, cartons or cans.

Instant tea beverage: The fresh tea leaves after extracting, filtration, concentrating and drying to make into the instant tea powder, and filling into small packages.

Tea drinks container

Tea Drinks Processing Technological Flowchart

Fresh dry tea leaves will use the extracting tank to get the tea juice, then use the plate type cooler to cool down the tea extract from 85-90℃ to 55℃. After cooling down, then the extract tea will be pump into centrifuge separator to remove the particles and suspended matter, and now we get the clarified tea extract juice. The clarified tea will be mixed with water, sugar, citric acid, flavor agent, and then homogenizing, degassing and sterilizing the mixed tea drinks, at last filling into bottles or tin cans.

Tea Drinks processing line flowchart

Key Machine of Tea Drinks Processing line

Tea leaves extracting tank

SUS304 material jacketed extraction tank with agitator, temperature sensor, stainless steel hanging basket and electric hoist. Put the fresh tea leaves into the extraction basket and using deionized pure water at 85-95℃holding for 10-15 min, then use a cloth bag filter to filter out the tea residue, we will get the tea extract; But when we make cold brew tea drinks, the tea extraction process is cold extracting, so we will use the vacuum extraction tank, the extracting temperature is much lower than hot extracting about40-50℃, with the vacuum tea extracting,  the tea juice nutrient, flavor and color are kept at the maximum extent. Tea and water ratio: primary extraction ratio: 1:9~12; secondary extraction ratio: 1:7~8.

Tea extraction tank

Centrifuge separator

This process is also called fine filtration, The main purpose of the centrifugal separator is to remove impurities after tea juice extraction. The centrifuge rotation speed can reach 5890r/min, when the material liquid passes through the machine, the centrifugal effect produced by the high-speed rotation is used to separate the water-insoluble impurities and discharge them from the material liquid.

disk centrifuge separator

Mixing tank

The mixing tank will mix purified water, tea extract, citric acid, sodium citrate, sucrose, and flavor in the best proportions. Stir fully to completely dissolve the raw materials. Add clarifier and stabilizer and adjust PH value. When the tea beverage is stirred, the space above the liquid level of the mixing tank is protected by CO2 to prevent the tea polyphenols from oxidizing and discoloring during the blending. The stirring speed is not higher than 50rpm.