Project Description

SUS304 Extraction Tank

SUS304 Extraction Tank Application

The extraction tanks are suitable for atmospheric pressure, micro pressure, warm soaking, heat reflux, permeation, extraction of aromatic oil components, and recovery of organic solvents in traditional Chinese medicine, food and beverage(like tea beverage extracting, date juice extracting), chemical and other industries. Using dynamic extraction has the advantages of short time, high efficiency, and convenient operation.

Extraction tank

Structure Composition

The main body of the multifunctional SUS304 extraction tank includes an inner cylinder, a jacket layer, a thermal insulation layer(rock wool or PU), a stirring device, an electric heating device, a discharge port, etc.

The inner cylinder is made of high-quality SUS304/316L, the jacket is fully enclosed, and the outer cylinder is SUS304 matt thin steel plate. The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotating spraying ball head, temperature sensor, explosion-proof sight lamp, sight glass, quick-opening feeding port, etc., to ensure easy operation and comply with GMP medical standards. It has the characteristics of uniform solvent distribution and convenient slag discharge.

The complete set of multifunctional extraction tank equipment consists of 1. Extraction tank; 2. Foam trap; 3. Gas-liquid separator; 4. Cooler; 5. Condenser; 6. Oil-water separator; 7. Material-liquid pump; 8. The pipeline filter and the internal connecting pipelines.

tea drinks extraction tank

Tank Feature 

  1. It has the advantages of a small footprint, exquisite production, complete supporting facilities, and convenient operation. Especially suitable for small batch and multi-variety production methods.
  2. The equipment is divided into steam heating and electric heating, it can be used after being connected to water, electricity or steam.
  3. The electric heating structure design is advanced, efficient, safe, fast heating and cooling, and even heating. The tank is equipped with a safety decompression device to ensure safe use.
  4. The equipment has complete functions and is suitable for water extraction and alcohol extraction. It can carry out atmospheric and negative pressure extraction and can recover volatile oil. Equipped with a control box, it is easy to operate and can realize the process requirements of normal temperature extraction and low-temperature extraction.
  5. Realize remote automatic opening and closing and locking of the cover, and can control the bottom cover of the extraction tank to stop at a certain half-open position, which is convenient for bottom cover cleaning.
  6. Reasonable heating mode design, honeycomb jacket heating on the bottom cover, excellent convection state in the extraction tank, small heating area controlled by micro-boiling, more energy-saving.
  7. The bottom cover is locked at multiple points, which is safe and reliable to ensure that there is no leakage during operation and use, and there is no leakage problem even in the case of power outage or gas outage.
  8. The bottom sieve is easy to open, and there is no inaccessible area in the tank, ensuring cleaning and inspection.
  9. The side cylinder cover is opened and closed smoothly to avoid stress concentration and impact on the tank lugs and ensure the service life.
  10. Utilize vacuum to speed up the liquid discharge, solve the clogging of the bottom sieve and the vacuum flashing before slag discharge.
  11. For some materials like tea extracting, the bottom-out hanging basket should be used; (the upper-out hanging basket has many shortcomings and has been basically eliminated unless the extraction pressure in the tank requires more than 0.3MPa).
  12. According to different process requirements, the pressure in the SUS304 extraction tank is divided into two types: below 0.1MPa (non-pressure vessel) and above 0.1MPa (pressure vessel), the corresponding bottom cover sealing method is different.
  13. Cooperating with the material feeding system, the feeding door of the extraction tank can be automatically closed, locked/unlocked and opened.
  14. According to the different extraction processes, the multifunctional extraction tank can be divided into a positive cone extraction tank, an oblique cone extraction tank, an inverted cone extraction tank, a straight cylinder extraction tank, a mushroom extraction tank and other types of extraction tanks. Functional extraction (aroma oil collection device), static single tank extraction, dynamic stirring extraction, forced circulation dynamic extraction (circulation pump, circulation pipeline) and other extraction methods.
SUS304 extraction tank

Technical Parameter 

ModelVolumeSize(D*H)Diameter of Inlet&Outlet