Project Description

Retort Sterilizer

Performance characteristics of Retort Sterilizer

  • A small amount of process water is quickly circulated to quickly reach the predetermined sterilization temperature.
  • Reduce steam consumption. Steam and atomized water are directly mixed in the retort sterilizer to increase the speed of temperature rise and reduction.
  • Low noise, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment.
  • The kettle is equipped with four movable temperature sensing probes, which can monitor the F value of the food center and the heat distribution in the kettle at any time to understand the heat penetration.
  • Perfect pressure control, especially suitable for products containing gas packaging.
  • Optional automatic door opening
  • Single-pot spray type (inter-rise and inter-cool) high temperature and high-pressure conditioning sterilization kettle
  • The full-function sterilization kettle is suitable for all kinds of high-temperature-resistant packaging materials:
  • Suitable containers: glass bottle container, tinplate cans, aluminum cans, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high-temperature cooking bag, etc.
  • Indirect heating and cooling: the cooling water and process water are not in contact, avoid secondary pollution of food. Without using water treatment chemicals, sterilizer at high temperature for a short time.
  • Sterilizing temperature and sterilizing time can be adjusted according to technological process requirements.
Retort sterilizer/ kettle

Equipment Composition and Working Process

Full automatic retort sterilizer is composed of automatic cage loading and unloading system, food basket, Trolley, Retort body machine, Rail track.

Firstly the tin can will load into cages automatic, then after basket is full, the basket will transfer to retort through track, the retort door will open automatically after detected the food basket close to the door. Thirdly the retort will start sterilizing and after finished sterilizing,  the retort kettle door will be open and the basket will be transferred out of retort by track rail and loaded into conveyor again.

retort sterilizer structure

Retort Sterilizer Type 

—Heating Material: Stationary retort sterilizer for low viscosity liquids such as milk, juice; Rotatory retort sterilizer for high viscosity products such as porridge.

—Structure Type:  Single layer spray type sterilizer and double layer water bath type sterilizer.

—Control Mode: Semi-automatic and fully automatic.

—Heating Source: Electronic heating and steam heating.

restort sterilizer and food basket


The use of retort sterilizer to sterilize food and beverage can effectively extend the shelf life of products, it is widely used to sterilize milk or juice, porridge, chicken and duck products, braised meat, pork trotters, dried beans, sausages, fruit jams, braised eggs, and other products.

Suitable containers:

Bottle containers: PP bottles, HDPE bottles, Glass bottles

Soft bag packaging: tin foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high-temperature cooking bag, etc.

Mental Cans: Tinplate cans and aluminum cans

cage loading system

Technical Parameter

Model RS-2400RS-3200RS-3600RS-4000RS-4500RS-5250RS-6300
Total Length(mm)3900420046006000670075008400
Cylinder Length(mm)2400320036004000450052506300
Total Width(mm)1500160016001600180023502350
Total Height(mm)1700190019001900210024002400