Project Description

Retort Sterilizer

Performance characteristics of Retort Sterilizer

  • A small amount of process water is quickly circulated to quickly reach the predetermined sterilization temperature.
  • Reduce steam consumption. Steam and atomized water are directly mixed in the retort sterilizer to increase the speed of temperature rise and reduction.
  • Low noise, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment.
  • The kettle is equipped with four movable temperature sensing probes, which can monitor the F value of the food center and the heat distribution in the kettle at any time to understand the heat penetration.
  • Perfect pressure control, especially suitable for products containing gas packaging.
  • An optional automatic door opening.
  • Single-pot spray type (inter-rise and inter-cool) high temperature and high-pressure conditioning sterilization kettle.
  • The full-function sterilization kettle is suitable for all kinds of high-temperature-resistant packaging materials.
  • Suitable containers: glass bottle containers, tinplate cans, aluminum cans, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high-temperature cooking bag, etc.
  • Indirect heating and cooling: the cooling water a