Project Description

RO Equipment System


  1. The reverse osmosis system refers to the phenomenon that solvent molecules migrate from dilute solution to concentrated solution under the action of high pressure.
  2. The RO system is the most important equipment in water purifying system. This equipment uses membrane filtration technology to remove microorganisms in raw water to obtain drinking water.
  3. Depending on the raw water quality, Single-stage or double-stage RO system can be equipped.
  4. It can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the water. The desalination rate of the equipment is 97%-99%, and the conductivity of the effluent water is ≤10μs/cm.
  5. As the core component of reverse osmosis equipment, RO membrane, we use imported brands such as DOW or HYDECANME.
  6. The raw water passes through the reverse osmosis unit, and the water output rate can reach about 50%-70%.
  7. Reverse osmosis is the separation of solvents in the solution through reverse osmosis membranes. Its applications range from seawater desalination and hard water softening to the separation of bacteria and viruses, as well as the concentration of juice, milk, coffee and many other aspects.
  8. The reverse osmosis unit is usually combined with quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter and ion softener to make pure water.
RO machine

Equipment Composition

The RO system is made of SUS304 material, it includes one high-pressure pump, RO membrane element and shell, flowmeter, conductivity measuring cell machine frame, pipes and valves, independent control cabinet.

RO water treatment system

Working Principle

There are many small pores in the reverse osmosis membrane. The size of these pores is similar to the size of water molecules, but bacteria, viruses, most organic pollutants and hydrated ions are much larger than water molecules. When we use a high-pressure pump to apply pressure to the raw water, pure water molecules will pass through the reverse osmosis membrane to one end of the membrane, while harmful molecules such as viruses and organics will be trapped to the other end of the membrane. So as to achieve the purpose of raw water purification.

RO equipment machine