Project Description

Bottled Water Production Line 


  1. The bottled water production line includes water treatment system, blowing bottle system, bottled water filling system, bottle labeling and packing system.
  2. The whole production line is suitable for glass bottles or PET bottle filling according to clients’ demand.
  3. We use the RO membrane to produce pure water and use the ultra-filtration membrane to generate natural mineral water.
  4. The production line is flexible and fully customized, we can make it fully automatic with central control system or semi-automatic according to client’s budget and labor cost.
  5. Suitable bottle size isφ50-100mm and H90-310mm, and if the bottle is beyond this size, we also have a customized filling machine.
  6. The bottled water production machinery adopts food-grade SUS304 material, which can ensure the hygiene condition with the food field.
  7. Water filtration membrane use imported GE, DOW, HYDECANM