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Water Bath Pasteurizer

Water Bath Pasteurizer Description 

A water bath pasteurizer, also known as a water immersion pasteurizer, is a type of pasteurization equipment that uses a heated water bath to pasteurize liquid food and beverage products in containers.

In the food and beverage industries, water bath pasteurization is required for some packaged products, the packaged products are placed on the adjustable-speed stainless steel mesh belt, and then the package is pasteurized with hot water in the pasteurization section, and after the pasteurization process is finished,  the packages are fed into the cooling section by the conveyor belt or elevator to cool evenly by circulated cooling water, after cooling, the package will be connected to the strong air drying equipment, and the surface of the package is dried by strong wind and then packaged in the warehouse to extend the food storage period. So the machine can achieve pasteurization, cooling and drying functions in one system.

The automatic water-bath pasteurization line a