Project Description

Passion Fruit and Guava Processing Line 

Passion Fruit and Guava Processing Line Description 

  1. Passion fruit and guava are growing in tropical and sub-tropical areas like India, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, etc. Passion fruit contains 17 kinds of amino acids, is rich in carotenoids, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements, which has a very high health value. It can enhance immunity, detoxify and beautify, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, invigorate the kidney and lower blood pressure and relieve fatigue. Guava is a kind of fruit with rich nutritional value. The fat content and calories are relatively low, and it contains a lot of vitamin C. After ingesting the body, it can effectively whiten the skin, it contains more pectin, fructose and cellulose, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice in the intestine.
  2. The guava and passion fruit can be processed into frozen or aseptic concentrated puree, single strength puree, clarified juice, nectar, syrup and jam.
  3. The capacity of the processing line ranges from 10 tons per day to 1500 tons per day with the raw material input.
  4. The guava and passion fruit processing line includes fresh fruit washing and sorting system, guava and passion fruit crushing and peeling machine, guava and passion fruit pulping and refining machine, puree separating machine, puree concentrating and sterilizing machine, nectar blending system, end products filling and packing system, CIP system and RO water system.
  5. The production line equipment is made of food-grade SUS304, with a high degree of flexibility and customization, and can be freely configured according to customer needs and different products produced.
  6. All equipment start and stop have linkage device, PLC automatic control, high production efficiency, labor-saving, increase fruit processing yield.
  7. The production technology of the production line is based on European and American technology, which can maximize the use of resources, produce premium products, and minimize the waste of public energy such as electricity, steam, and water resources.

Passion Fruit and Guava Processing Line End Products 

Concentrated Passion fruit and guava puree or Juice: The puree can be concentrated into 30-34 Brix; Clarified juice can be concentrated into 65-70 Brix. The end products can be filled into aseptic bags and stored in ambient temperature or freezer. The storage period is up to one year.

Single strength passion fruit or guava puree: guava puree is 7 Brix and passion fruit puree is 12-14 Brix. The end products can be filled into aseptic bags or pouches.

Passion fruit or guava nectar: Passion fruit or guava concentrated puree or juice can be blended with water, sucrose, citric acid, and other flavor additives to formulate nectar.

Passion fruit and guava puree container

Passion Fruit and Guava Processing Line Technological Flowchart

Fresh passion fruit or guava after washing and sorting by air bubble washing machine, brush washing machine and roller sorting machine, then the cleaned fruits will be feed into roller half cutting extractor for peeling and crushing, after that, we use the tubular preheater to inactivate the enzyme in fruit mash, then the fruit mash can be pulped and refined into puree. And then the black seed specks in puree need to be removed by a decanter centrifuge. Until this process, we obtain the pure puree. If we want to produce single strength puree, then the puree will be homogenized, pasteurized and then filled into aseptic bags or pouches; If we want to produce concentrated puree or juice, then the puree will be sent to the evaporator to remove the water, then after UHT sterilized and filled into aseptic bags; If we want to produce nectar, then we will blend water and other ingredients with the puree, after homogenized, degassed and pasteurized, finally filled into consumable packages such as bottles, tin cans or cartons.

passion fruit and guava processing line technological flowchart

Key Machine Of Passion Fruit and Guava Processing Line  

Passion fruit and guava washing and sorting machine

The fresh fruits will be feed into air bubble washing tank to do the initial washing with the addition of detergent, then use the brush washing machine to thoroughly wash under spray nozzles and brushes with clean water.

The clean fruit is then transported to a roller conveyor, where the culled fruit flies and immature fruit are removed.

passion fruit washing machine

Passion fruit and guava peeling and crushing machine

The roller half cutting extractor is mainly used for peeling and crushing passion fruit or guava. Its main function is to cut open, shove and separate the skins of fresh fruits which have been picked out and cleaned. Then the fruit mash is conveyed to the next process for refining. It is frequency control of motor speed, capacity is from 3 tons to 20 tons per hour.

Passion fruit and guava peeling machine

Passion fruit and guava mash preheating and pulping machine 

The passion fruit and guava mash