Project Description

Avocado Processing Line 

Avocado Processing Line Description 

  1. One avocado weight is from 200g-500g, the pulp content is 60%-75%, the fruit stone is 10%-30%, the peel content is from 7%-10%,  the oil content is from 10%-18%, the moisture from 70%-82%.
  2. Avocados are widely used in the food industry. They are rich in oils, vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars and other substances necessary for human physiological activities. They are widely accepted because of their high-energy, low-sugar, and easy-to-digest characteristics.
  3. Avocado kernels are rich in fat and are important edible oils and industrial and mining oils. They can also be used to make margarine and soap. Avocado oil is non-irritating, low acidity, and can be stored for a long time after emulsification. In addition to eating, it can also be used as a raw material for mechanical lubrication, advanced cosmetics, oils for skin diseases, and ointments.
  4. The avocado can be consumed as fresh fruit, but also can proceed into jams, puree, juices, oil, sushi, salads, cold dishes, fruit jelly, etc. The avocado puree can be used for baby food, the avocado sauce or jam and oil are used for cooking ingredients, and avocado juice is a healthy drinking beverage.
  5. Single strength avocado puree is 6-12Brix, and with forced circulation evaporator, the puree can be concentrated into 30-36Brix.
  6. The whole avocado processing line includes avocado washing and sorting machine, avocado peeling and pitting machine, avocado pulping and refining machine, avocado puree concentration machine, avocado puree sterilizing machine and filling machine.
  7. The capacity for the avocado processing ranges from 10 tons/day to 1500 ton/day, and the end products can be produced is concentrated or single strength avocado puree, avocado nectar, the end products can be filled into aseptic bags, bottles, or tin cans according to client requirements.

The End Products And Package Of Avocado Processing Line

Avocado puree: Fresh avocado after washing, sorting, peeling and pitting, then use the pulping and refine machine to obtain the avocado puree, then the puree can be concentrated or homogenized to produce into single strength puree or concentrated puree. Then the puree can be homogenized and filled into aseptic bags or flexible pouches. the product is then blast frozen, packing into pouches, sealed, HPP sterilized and stored at-18℃. It is the raw ingredient for avocado juice, jams, smoothies or salads.

Avocado sauce: Avocado sauce processing is the same as avocado puree processing up to pulp extraction; the next step is high shear blending of pulp with water, gums, thickeners, and spices. Then the sauce will be homogenized, pasteurized and pumped to a filler and filled into either polyethylene pouches or bottles cartons;

Avocado juice: use concentrated avocado puree as raw material, dilute with water, sugar and other ingredients, then after homogenizing, sterilizing, and filled into small tin cans or bottles.

Avocado oil: Soft avocado oil will be extracted by decanter centrifuge separator and stack centrifuge separator after we extract the avocado pulp from the fruit pulping machine. The recovery is only about 50% of oil content. The oil extracted by these methods is in its crude stage. In order to increase its value either for cosmetics use or for food consumption, avocado oil must be refined. The refining process will include alkali treatment, clay bleaching, deodorization, and winterization.

Avocado package and container

 Avocado Processing Line Technological Flowchart 

Avocado processing line technological flowchart

 Key Machine Of Avocado Processing Line 

Avocado washing and sorting machine

The fresh avocado green fruit that comes from the grove must be washed with detergent and sanitized in one air bubble washing machine. Then after sorting out the bad fruits by the sorting conveyor manually, the brush washing machine will do the secondary washing by RO water.

Avocado air bubble washing machine
avocado brush washing machine

Avocado peeling and pitting machine

Avocados peeling and core removal process can be done manually or by machines depends on the capacity. When using the machine, the fruit stone washer and separator is applied. Through extrusion force between roller and mesh inside stone washer, screen out the fruit pulp of the stone. The pulp yield rate reach 75% through precisely separating the peel and fruit stones.