Project Description

Bottled Juice Filling Machine 

General Description of  Juice Bottle Filling Machine 

RXGF series bottled juice filling machine has integrated the function of bottle rinsing, filling and capping, suitable for bottled fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, protein drinks, milk, functional drinks and other non-gas soft bottle drinks produce. After the simple adjustment of some parts, this machine can also be used for filling the production of pure water and mineral water. It consists of bottle washing, filling, screw capping (cap sealing), cap disinfection, cap sorting, cap elevator system, machine rack and electric control cabinet. The whole machine is made of SUS304 and the machine frame is made of carbon steel. Using microgravity negative pressure filling technology, the filling is more rapid, stable and accurate. The equipment is equipped with a perfect reflux system to avoid secondary pollution and oxidation of beverages. It can meet the hot filling technical requirements below 95℃ and is equipped with The CIP cleaning system, which can clean liquid tanks pipelines and filling valves; it adopts advanced technology such as man-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer control, and inverter control.

Glass bottle juice filler

Juice Bottle Filling Machine Type

Classified by filling temperature:

85-95 ℃ 3-in-1 hot filling: the filling machine is mainly divided into three parts: bottle washing, filling and capping. It is suitable for the filling of liquids such as blended fruit juice and plant-based milk beverage. After hot-filled, post pasteurization is also required, and the shelf life of the products can reach 12 months.

65-72 ℃ 4-in-1 ultra-clean filling: the first station sterilizes the empty bottles and caps with disinfectant, the second station rinses the empty bottles and caps with sterile water, the third station fills material, the fourth station is capping/sealing. This type of filling machine is suitable for sports drinks/energy drinks or users who have high-quality requirements for blending fruit juice. The filling machine area generally requires a cleanroom. The product shelf life is 9-12 months.

35-40 ℃ 5-in-1 aseptic filling: the filling machine is composed of two disinfection liquid rinses station, two sterile water rinses station, filling and capping stations. At the same time, in order to ensure the entire filling environment, packaging materials and materials to achieve commercial sterility, this type of filling machine needs to be equipped with CIP, SIP, COP and SOP systems, the filling machine area need to build a hundred level cleanroom. This type of filling machine is suitable for NFC fresh natural fruit juice filling and UHT fresh milk filling. The shelf life of the product at room temperature can also reach 12 months.

5-7 ℃ 5-in-1 cold filling: the filling machine consists of disinfectant cleaning, sterile water washing, filling and capping station. It also needs to be equipped with SIP, CIP, SOP and COP systems. Generally suitable for cold chain products such as vegetable protein drinks, yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks. The end products need to be refrigerated with shelf life ranging from 7-30 days.

Aseptic bottle juice filler


Classified by bottle material:

    Glass bottle filling machine: The bottle is washed with a nylon bottle clipper, and apply bottle bottom supported style for filling. The screw cap is usually an aluminum screw cap or a crown cap.

glass bottle washing filling and capping machine


        PET bottle filling machine: Bottles are bottle-washed with stainless steel clippers, and bottleneck clamping is used for filling. The caps materials are usually PE screw caps.

PET bottle washing filling and capping machine

Working Flowchart of Bottled Juice Filling Machine

The bottle is conveyed to the washing station through the air conveying channel and the star wheel. Then bottle flushing machine clippers hold the mouth of the bottle downward and then sprays the inner wall of the bottle with a spray nozzle of the flushing clamp. The rinsed and drained bottles are conveyed from the bottle washer into the bottle filling station. The filling is performed by gravity filling. After the filling valve is opened, the material is filled through the filling valve to complete the filling process and then transferred into the capping station by starwheel. The capping head maintains revolution and rotation on the capping machine and realizes catching cap, sleeving cap, screwing cap actions under the action of the cam. The capped bottles are conveyed to the next station by the conveyor chain.

juice bottle filling machine