Project Description

Soy Milk Processing Line 

Description Of Soy Milk Processing Line

  1. Soy milk is a vegetable protein beverage made from soybean as the main raw material, which is prepared by soaking, grinding, extracting pulp, pre-cooking and deodorizing, and adding water and sugar liquid to the milk, then blending and sterilization and filling into small consumption packages.
  2. Soy milk beverages are not only high in fiber, high in protein, high in vitamins and minerals, but also low in sugar. They are ideal substitutes for animal protein dairy products and are widely popular in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
  3. Aiming at the problem of beany flavor during the processing of soymilk, we use hot water soaking and refining to inactivate oxidase activity, and add flavor substances such as spice cocoa during the blending process to mask the beany flavor, which can effectively remove the beany flavor in the soymilk.
  4. The complete set of soy milk processing equipment includes soybean soaking and cleaning unit, vacuum bean suction machine, soybean milk triple refining and separating unit, special vibration sieve, soy milk continuous pre-cooking unit, ingredient mixing system, finished product temporary storage tank, high-pressure homogenization Machine, CIP online cleaning system, UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization unit (special tube type for soy milk), aseptic finished product temporary storage tank, soy milk filling and packaging system, RO water treatment system.
  5. we adopt UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization unit dedicated to plant protein, which is completely heated and enzyme inactivated according to the characteristics of soy milk, and online deodorization. It maintains the fresh taste of the product, no beany smell and bitter taste, and the produced product has a good taste.
  6. Soybean processing adopts automatic screening and cleaning, vacuum automatic suction and delivery, which eliminates the trouble of manual handling and can be continuously produced, which greatly improves production efficiency and speed, and saves labor and labor intensity.
  7. The capacity of the soy milk production line is available from 500LPH-5000LPH. The final packaging of soy milk can be filled into bottles, tinplate cans, stand-up pouches or aseptic cartons.
  8. The production line equipment is made of food-grade SUS304, and is equipped with a CIP online cleaning system to ensure that the soy milk produced meets food hygiene conditions.
  9. The whole line is fully controlled by PLC, which saves labor and has high production efficiency. The equipment can be configured according to customer needs to produce pure soy milk, soy milk beverage line, and compound vegetable protein beverage line.

Soy Milk Processing Line End Products And Package

The soy milk PH value is between 6.7 to 7.3, The color of soy milk is milky white or light yellow, without beany flavor or bitter taste. The end products can be filled into small bottles or tin cans, and the shelf life is 3 days to 7 days with pure soybean milk. For the carton soybean milk, the shelf life is 6 months to 9 months. And for blended soybean milk, the shelf life is 12 months.

soybean milk container

Soy Milk Processing Line Classification

Pure soy milk: An emulsion made by extracting protein and other ingredients from soybeans with water and removing the dregs. The solid content of soybeans is not less than 8%. Nutritional fortifiers can also be added.

Blended soy milk: Add sugar, refined vegetable oil, minerals, vitamins, etc. to pure soy milk. The milky beverage is prepared with soy solids content of more than 5%.

Sour soy milk beverage: pure soy milk is fermented with lactic acid or added with sour agent, sugar, emulsifier, and other auxiliary materials to prepare soy milk beverage, soy solid content is not less than 4%.

Juice soy milk beverage: A beverage prepared by adding concentrated juice or original juice and other flavor ingredients to pure soymilk, in which the juice content is not less than 2.5%, and the soybean solid content is not less than 2%.

Soya Milk Powder: Soybeans are refined and pulped, slag slurry separation, vacuum concentration, compound enzymolysis, spray drying and other processes to make soybean powder containing hypotensive functional peptides. The specific soya milk production flowchart are as follows: Soybean material selection → soaking → refining → pulp residue separation → vacuum concentration → compound enzymatic hydrolysis → blending → spray drying → sieving powder → packaging → finished product

Soy Milk Processing Line Technological Flowchart 

Choose the fresh soybeans with bright color and full grains as raw materials, unload them into the soybean cleaning tank to clean off the attached dust and microorganisms, and then use the vacuum bean absorber machine to lift the cleaned soybeans to the soybean soaking tank, after soaking in hot water at 60°C with a ratio of 1:3 soy to water for 1-2 hours to inactivate the enzymes, it will be lifted to the soybean refining and separator unit, and the water will be heated while refining. At the same time, the okara will be separated during the refining process. Then we got soy milk. However, in order to remove the beany flavor in the soy milk, the obtained soy milk needs to be cooked in hot water at 90-95°C. Finally, the auxiliary materials such as sugar, emulsifiers and flavor substances are added to the mixing tank according to the ingredient list, after all ingredients are sufficient mixing and dissolving, the soy milk is homogenized, sterilized and degassed, and then filled into a bottle or stand-up pouches. After filling, the bottles, cans or pouches will be sent to retort sterilizer(121℃ for 15-30 min) for secondary sterilizing.

Soybean milk processing line flowchart

Key Machine Of Soy Milk Processing Line 

Soybean washing machine

Use drum cleaning equipment to clean soybeans, which is composed of spray pipes, drum, overflow tank, bean suction pump, and stone remover. The bean washing machine mainly removes floating dust and microorganisms on the surface of soybeans, and filters out sand, floats moldy beans, and separates impurities such as rocks and metals. It is made of SUS304 material and the capacity is from 100kg to 500kg per hour.

soybean drum washing machine

Soybean soak