Project Description

Sauce Bottle Filler

Sauce Bottle Filler Application

The piston bottle filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling viscosity liquid food into plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, tomato and garlic paste, mayonnaise, peanut and sesame butter, fruit pulp and puree, fruit and vegetable jams and other fruit sauces, syrup, honey, vegetable oil, dressings and spices and other free-flowing viscosity products.

piston sauce bottle filler

Sauce Bottle Filler General Description 

  • The sauce bottle filler adopts PLC control, equipped with material mixing system, three-point liquid level control, frequency conversion speed regulation, bottle inlet and outlet protection, bottle filling and many other automatic control designs. suitable for cold and hot filling. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements and has a beautiful appearance.
  • Servo control, high measurement accuracy, stable operation, avoid material ejection during filling.
  • The whole machine is made of high-quality SUS304, filling valve is and other material contact parts are made of SUS316L which meets food hygiene requirements.
  • The filling speed and filling volume are wide range applications, the filling capacity is from 10 bottles per minute to 300 bottles per minute can be chosen, the filling volume is from 30ml to 5L is available.
  • Different bottle specifications and shapes can be replaced without replacing spare parts, it is easy to adjust.
  • The piston bottle filler adopts PLC, touch screen control, frequency conversion speed regulation, bottle inlet and outlet protection, bottle filling are full automatic control. It has no bottle no filling, accurate filling volume and counting function.
  • Hot filling or cold filling is available according to the process and clients’ requirements.
  • The filling machine can be matched with bottle washing machine and sealing machine.
  • For high-value materials, the bottle filler can be equipped with load cells. This enables the system to achieve precise fill quantities – for every product, whatever its degree of viscosity or conductivity.
  • The PLC, touchscreen, pneumatic parts are all adopted to German and Japanese first-class brands to ensure the performance of the filling machine.
Bottle sauce filling machine

Sauce Bottle Filler Working Principle 

The piston bottle filling machine drives the ball screw to move up and down through the servo motor to drive the piston in the cylinder to reciprocate to complete the filling work. When the ball screw moves in the reverse time, the piston is pulled down, the three-way valve is closed, the plug is closed, and negative pressure is generated in the upper part of the material cylinder. The material in the material tank is pressed into the feed pipe by atmospheric pressure, and enters the cylinder through the three-way valve to complete the suction work. When the ball screw moves clockwise, the piston is pushed upward, the three-way valve opens, the plug opens, and the piston squeezes the material. The material enters the discharge pipe through the discharge joint, and then enters the empty bottle to be filled through the filling head to complete the filling work. The piston filling machine is a single mechanical action for each filling, so it has a high filling accuracy for every regular container.

Piston bottle filler

Sauce Bottle Filler Technical Parameter 

Filling Capacity 10B/MIN-20B/MIN 10B/MIN-50B/MIN20B/MIN-80B/MIN 30B/MIN-100B/MIN60B/MIN-150B/MIN60B/MIN-200B/MIN
Filling Volume 30ml-100ml,100-500ml,200-1000ml,500-2500ml,1000-5000ml
Filling AccuracyLiquid≤±0.5%, Paste≤±1%
Filling Heads 4 Heads 6 Heads 8 Heads 10 Heads 12 Heads 18 Heads
Power 1.37KW1.69KW2.07KW2.82KW3.25KW3.72KW

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