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Fruit And Vegetable Pulping Machine 

Fruit and Vegetable Pulping Machine Description

The fruit pulping machine is the equipment that beats the broken fruit or the whole fruit into a pulp through the crushing blade and rotor paddle mechanism, and separates the fruit seeds, peels and fruit stones.

The fruit pulp making machine has a wide range of adaptability. It can be designed as a de-pitting and pulping machine unit to process stone fruits such as mangoes into mango pulp by separating mango stone and peel. It can also be designed as crushing and pulping machine unit for apple, guava, tomato and other fruits crushing, beating, peeling and deseeding. It can also be designed as a single-stage cold pulping machine for beating heat-sensitive fruits such as berries.

The fruit pulp making machine is composed of broken blades, propellers, rotor paddle, screens sieves, gripper, frame, transmission system, pulp collecting