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Fruit And Vegetable Pulping Machine 

Fruit and Vegetable Pulping Machine Description

The fruit pulping machine is the equipment that beats the broken fruit or the whole fruit into a pulp through the crushing blade and rotor paddle mechanism, and separates the fruit seeds, peels and fruit stones.

The fruit pulp making machine has a wide range of adaptability. It can be designed as a de-pitting and pulping machine unit to process stone fruits such as mangoes into mango pulp by separating mango stone and peel. It can also be designed as crushing and pulping machine unit for apple, guava, tomato and other fruits crushing, beating, peeling and deseeding. It can also be designed as a single-stage cold pulping machine for beating heat-sensitive fruits such as berries.

The fruit pulp making machine is composed of broken blades, propellers, rotor paddle, screens sieves, gripper, frame, transmission system, pulp collecting tank and other components. Among them, the crushing blade can crush the fruit by friction and extrusion. The screw propeller feeds the fruit into the crushing blades. During the working process, the beater shaft paddle scraper rotates rapidly at a certain speed and beats the crushed fruit into pulp through the action of centrifugal force during the forwarding process. The main function of the filter is to rub and filter the fruit pulp. The gripper is mainly used for holding the scraper shaft, and through adjusting the lead angle of the rotor paddle, the pulp size and pulp yield rate can be controlled. The transmission system is mainly motor-driven scraper for high-speed rotation.

The main factors that affect the fruit pulping rate are the characteristics of the fruit itself, the rotate speed of the pulping machine shaft, the diameter of the screen sieve, the size of the lead angle, and the fruit pulping temperature.

fruit cold pulping machine

Fruit and Vegetable Pulping Machine Application

This pulping machine is suitable for vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers) stone fruits (mango, peach, apricot with 80% maturity), berry fruit (kiwi, strawberry), pre-cooked softened nut fruit(apple, pear) and other fruits, such as destoning and beating. This machine has the characteristics of automatic separation of slag, seeds, peel and juice, which can be produced independently and can be combined with other equipment to form an automated complete production line.

Double stage pulping machine

Fruit and Vegetable Pulping Machine Working Principle

Once the product has been crushed, it is pumped to the pulping machine. The operation is continuous. By the time the product arrives at the entry of the equipment, it goes into the sieve thanks to pumping pressure. Once the product is into the sieve, a rotor made up of a spinning shaft, which has some blades making contact against the sieve, centrifuged the product towards the net producing continuously the extraction. Thanks to the geometry of the blades, the product is distributed throughout them uniformly getting a regular and stable extraction. Depending on the diameter of the holes, the quantity of product sieved will increase or decrease as well as its texture. The product sieved is taken into a hopper and is pumped to the next stage of the process. The own pressure of the product, which has not been filtered through the net, pushes the waste product to the exit port.

Single stage pulping machine

Fruit and Vegetable Pulping Machine Feature

1). High pulping rate, easy to clean, high efficiency and save labor.

2). The machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

3). The screen sieve diameter is from Φ0.4-Φ3.0mm available for different fruit pulp making, the regular sieve apertures are φ0.6mm, φ0.8mm, φ1.0mm, φ1.2mm, φ1.5mm, φ2.0mm, φ2.5mm, φ3.0mm and larger diameters, from 0.6-1.6mm sieve screen, it is called pulping machine, when changing the screen sieve size into 0.4-0.6mm, it can be used for juice or pulp finishing or refining.

4). Flexible structure, the adjustable distance between rotor paddle and screen.

5). The machine pulping speed can be adjusted with variable frequency.

6). The Pulping machine can be one stage or double stage according to client requirements.

7). The pulping machine can reduce the loss because the pulp is obtained continuously and quickly. The sealed system furthermore minimizes additional undesired oxidation of the products.

8). The frame adopts a whole frame welding structure, with good overall rigidity and low vibration.

fruit crushing and pulping machine unit drawing

Pulping Machine Parameter

ModelCapacity(T/H)Mesh Size(mm)Speed(RPM)Size(mm)Power(KW)

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