Project Description

Carrot&Beetroot Processing Line

Carrot and Beetroot Processing Line Description 

  1. The carrot and beetroot processing line includes washing and sorting system, precooking and peeling system, crushing, enzyme killing and pulping system(for carrot and beetroot puree processing), belt press juice extracting system(for carrot and beetroot juice producing), decanter centrifuge separating and enzymatic hydrolysis system, ultra-filtration system(for clear juice producing) juice concentrating system, sterilizing and filling system.
  2. The processing line can produce carrot and beetroot concentrated and single strength puree, concentrated juice or single strength juice according to clients’ requirements.
  3. The carrot and beetroot processing capacity is from 1TPH-50TPH with raw material input for clients to choose from.
  4. We adopt to MVR evaporator to get the concentrated juice, and the evaporating temperature is very low to protect the color in beetroot and carrot.
  5. Carrot and beetroot peeling use a physical peeling method, which can keep the original flavor of the products.
  6. All parts of the production line equipment in contact with materials are made of SUS304 and equipped with a CIP cleaning system, which can meet the sanitary requirements of food production.
  7. Carrots and beetroots with no tops juice yield rate is 75%-85% with belt press juice extracting.

Carrot and Beetroot Processing Line End Products 

Clear carrot and beetroot juice: Can be filled into bottles, aseptic bags, tin cans or cartons. Single strength juice 8-12brix for drinking beverage use, juice concentrated 65-72brix for juice blends, yogurt, nutritional snack or ready meal ingredients.

Carrot and beetroot puree: Single strength puree is filled into pouches for baby food, Brix value is 9-12 Brix; Concentrated puree is filled into aseptic bags in bulk as raw ingredients for producing small pack juice. Brix value is 30-32brix.

carrot and beetroot juice containers

Carrot and Beetroot Processing Line Technological Flowchart

Carrot and Beetroot Juice Processing Line Technological Flowchart

After fresh and ripe carrots and beetroots are manually removed the tops, they will be transferred to air bubble washing machine and drum washing machine through fruit crates to remove the sand and mud on the surface of vegetables. Then use the belt conveyor to sort out the wound and lower-quality vegetables, after that the qualified carrots and beetroots will be lifted to steam peeler through scrape elevator, when the material is fully contacted with steam in the scalding tank to achieve a softening effect, they will be transported to the brush peeling machine, and the skin is removed by the hard brush. To enhance the juice yield rate, the peeled carrots and beetroots will be crushed into 3-5mm particles and then pump into preheater to kill the enzyme, then the materials is ready for juice extracting. The belt press juice extractor is adopted to obtain the juice from the pulp, but the juice from belt press is cloudy juice, if clear juice is expected, then the following process like enzyme treatment, decanter centrifuge and ultra-filtration will be used. At last the carrot or beetroot juice can be concentrated by MVR evaporator or directly sterilized by tubular sterilizer, then filled into aseptic bags in bulks or small packages.

Carrot and beet root juice processing line flowchart

Carrot and beetroot puree processing line technological flowchart

The fresh carrots or beetroots after washing, sorting, peeling, crushing and preheating process, they will be pumped into the double stage pulping machine, then we will obtain the puree. If you want to produce baby food, then you can use the blending tank to mixing all the ingredients you want to add, after homogenizing, pasteurizing and degassing, the end puree products can be filled into pouches; If you want to make the concentrated puree, then after the puree gets from pulping machine, one decanter centrifuge is adopted to remove the solids and big tissues in puree, then the force circulation evaporator will concentrate puree, at last, the concentrated puree will be sterilized and filled into aseptic bags in drums or IBC containers.

Carrot and beetroot puree processing flowchart

Key Machine Carrot and Beetroot Processing Line 

Carrot and beetroot washing and sorting machine

Unloading the carrot or beetroot into the clear water tank, use the blower to keep turning the vegetables in the water to clean the surface of the silt. The washed silt is settled through the filter screen, and the washing water is replaced in time depending on the cleanliness of the raw materials. The cleaned raw materials are lifted to the drum washing machine for second stage washing, the carrots are scrubbed by the inner brush of the drum washing machine to scrub the roots and weeds on the surface. The scrubbed debris is washed away by spray water, and the cleaned raw materials are sent to belt conveyor for inspection and sorting.

carrot washing and sorting machine<