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Enzymatic Hydrolysis Tank

Enzymatic Hydrolysis Tank Description 

This series of enzymatic hydrolysis tanks is a fully enclosed, vertical structure sanitary and clean enzymatic hydrolysis reaction equipment. It has been widely used in enzymatic hydrolysis technology in food, beverage, biological engineering, Enzymes are used as catalysts for substances in the pharmaceutical and other industries, and full enzymatic hydrolysis reactions are carried out with the help of the operation of the agitator under suitable temperature and pH conditions.

Enzymatic hydrolysis tank is specially used for fruit and vegetable juice, animal and plant and other substances. Enzymes are used as catalysts for decomposition reaction. The materials in the tank decompose various organic polymers under suitable temperature and pH conditions by the operation of agitator to make them organic Small molecules facilitate the assimilation of the body.

The enzymolysis tank is triple layers, which have the functions of heating, insulation, heat preservation and stirring. Afte