Project Description

Kiwifruit Processing Line 

Kiwifruit Processing Line Description 

  1. The kiwifruit is native to China, and in the 20th century, they are introduced into New Zealand and become one of the most famous fruits. Also, New Zealand is the largest kiwi fruit grower and for commercial use in the world.
  2. First, kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, and amino acids, as well as various mineral elements. It can relieve the body, because of the lack of vitamin C, causing gum bleeding. Second, it can also improve dry skin and delay skin aging. Third, it also has a certain function of invigorating the stomach and digesting food, which can promote appetite. Fourth, at the same time, it can also enhance the body’s resistance, remove free radicals in the body, and also have a certain soothing and nootropic effect.
  3. The capacity of